The At the Heart of the Legend beta is now available in-game! After an impressive blast of spoilers and, more recently, a livestream dedicated entirely to this new update, it's time to experience it for yourself. See you soon in the game!


To find out more about using the beta and to learn where and how to report any problems you encounter, please read this article.

Legendary Weapons

We've been telling you about them for a while… and here they are at last! Legendary Weapons are coming to DOFUS Touch! Get the full scoop in this devblog article.
As already stated, this means ethereal weapons have now been removed from the game.

Quests and Achievements

  • The level and the experience reward for several quests in Astrub have changed in order to be more generous toward players who complete them.
  • Several quests in Astrub have been reworked to prevent the player from being overwhelmed with quest compasses.
  • The appearance of the compasses for the quest "The Master's Henchmen" has been fixed.
  • Kamas earned from the repeatable quest "Friends You Can Count On" have decreased.
  • The allied NPC during the quest "Prisoners of Astrub" has changed to be more useful in combat.
  • The achievement requiring you to defeat each temple dopple has changed; you must now defeat the dopples three times.

Daily Missions

  • In order to reduce the sense of frustration that can be felt when opening various reward chests, the allocation of items inside these chests has been reworked, and the odds of getting various rewards have been adjusted. From now on, you should receive very-low-quality rewards less often, for example, and receive intermediate or rare rewards more often.
  • New daily missions linked to Vulkania will now be available when the island opens.


  • The filter to sort by price in kamas in the marketplace (ascending/descending) is now saved across items.
  • In the quest book, you can now follow/unfollow all quests in the same category using a new button.
  • In the quest book, you can now follow/unfollow all available quests using a new button.

Smithmagic Runes

  • In order to dispose of some basic runes generated in much greater quantities than major or average runes, a conversion system has been set up via the resource crusher. So as not to have too sudden an impact on the price of the upper tiers, the exchange rate is deliberately disadvantageous, but this will still ensure better availability of tier-2 and -3 runes. It will take 30 basic runes to get an average one, and 20 average ones to get a major one.
  • Smithmagic rune visuals have been tweaked to enhance their visibility.

Class Balancing

  • As described in this devblog, new class balancing adjustments have been made in this update.
  • The Ecaflip, Enutrof, and Iop class sets have been adjusted accordingly.


Cursed Mark:

  • The mark can no longer be applied more than once on a target that already has one.



  • The spell can no longer be used if the Pandawa is already carrying a player or entity.


  • The color of the Snailmet monster's glyph has changed.
  • The Mummy Nova monster's stats have changed.
  • The Dofushu's description has changed.
  • In Incarnam, Joris no longer asks you to go and meet an NPC who does not offer you any quests.
  • The Amakna and Cania Mysterious Rift areas have been enlarged.
  • Various maps in the World of Twelve have been corrected.
  • An automatic moderation tool has been activated for every chat channel on the Beta server.