The beta for the At the Heart of the Legend update closed yesterday. We've got a little surprise in store for you, with this new adventure to be officially released on June 21st. Are you ready to win gifts? Are you ready to Twitch Drop?


Tuesday, June 21 could be a fateful day for you – the date on which your name will go down in gold letters in the history of the World of Twelve. You can already see yourself proudly holding out your legendary weapon to the cheering crowd, under the emotional gaze of your loved ones, and your ego soaring high. We don't want to dampen the mood, but… you're not there yet. You still have six days to wait before you can go hunting for these extraordinary weapons, test out your rebalanced class, and discover a few more improvements in the game. Six days, or 144 hours, or 518,400 seconds. Hurts, right…?

Oooh, come on! We're just teasing! Your wait will be Legendary since there's not only the update in the end, but also our Twitch Drop campaign, which will run from 3:00 p.m. (Paris time) on Tuesday, June 21, to 11:59 p.m. on Monday, June 27!

As a reminder, Twitch Drops are rewards that you receive when you watch one of Ankama's official Twitch partner channels or not, as long as they stream on the "DOFUS Touch" category. To learn more about how they work and how to link them to your account, visit the forum thread and Ankama Support.

So, throughout the campaign, players who watch DOFUS Touch streams for a specific amount of time will receive a Mystery Box that can give them one of the following items:

  • the prestigious Elemental Heart Shield, chameleon (rare drop)
  • the magnificent Adora Set,
  • Bonus Pack days to keep your adventure going,
  • and many other surprises!

Each participant will have a chance to get one drop every day, for a total of seven drops throughout the campaign.