You have to get ready when you're going to check out an update. This is even more true with the upcoming DOFUS Touch update, which will give you a chance to become a legend – no more, no less. Needless to say, you'll need more than a good night's sleep and freshly squeezed orange juice to get there. Don't panic: We've got it all covered…

A Legendary Pack

Glory at your fingertips is what the next DOFUS Touch update will give you. Yes, indeed! For this new adventure to be fruitful, you'll first need to acquire exceptional weapons whose rarity borders on that of a Dofus.

In other words, these weapons are your way to become a legend. If you want to brandish them, you'll have to show courage and probably surpass your limits. Since we want to help you do so, we've put together a bundle of items that ooze success: the Legendary Pack. It contains:

  • The chameleon Centurius pet* (level 1)
  • The chameleon Legendary Set: chameleon Legendary Centurion Headgear*, chameleon Legendary Centurion Cloak*, and chameleon Legendary Centurion Shield*
  • The Warrior emote*
  • The Legendary Centurion ornament*

* Linked to the account.

Attention! Despite our intentions, at the time of this pack's release, the Centurion Headgear will not be a chameleon item... but the technical issue preventing this will be fixed retroactively as of next week's maintenance. We thank you for your trust and support.


Need a Helping Hand?

This pack is being released alongside two new services that are also aimed at helping you climb to the top (without making it too easy – make no mistake!).

Check out the Catalyst. This item lets you change your weapon's element, and thus its characteristics, without having to go through the acquisition and awakening phases that are essential for turning a dormant weapon into an equippable weapon with all its bonuses.

At the same time, four packs with 20 materials each (1 pack of 20 Air awakening materials, 1 pack of 20 Water awakening materials, 1 pack of 20 Fire awakening materials, and 1 pack of 20 Earth awakening materials) will let you enhance your weapon without having to get the necessary resources from dungeons.

An Especially Classy Offer!

Last but not least – and so you really won't have any excuse left not to embark on this adventure – we're giving you 30% off class changes until 11:59 p.m. (Paris time) on Sunday, June 26. It's the chance for you to see how some of them have been rebalanced!


Other Items Available All Week

  • Emotes
    • Beat a Drum
    • Sing
    • Dance
    • Electromagic Guitar
    • Sign of Shushu
  • Living Items

Prestige Cosmetic Items

The following prestige items will be available throughout June:

You can also find the Feca Set (shield, cape and headgear) and the Fecascot together in the Feca Pack!

It is not too late... 

Are you rolling in kamas? Are you skilled at throwing people off the scent? The High Roller Pack, Bluffer Pack, and Winner Pack are perfect for you! Available in the shop until the end of June.

High Roller Pack - Let the thrill of the game take over!

Bluffer Pack - Throw 'em all off the scent!

Winner Pack - Losing isn't an option

The third and final Winner Pack includes all the contents of the two previous ones. As well as the items previously mentioned, it includes the "Ecaflipus Ambassador" title and a "Roll a die" emote.
Note that all three packs will be permanently linked to your account.