Before coming away with the coveted title of Mister World of Twelve, he had to face some tough competition. Although he couldn't say what his chances of winning were, Trama – a Sram on the Herdegrize server – managed to hold his own and emerge victorious! We talked to the winner (in the male category) of the latest Miss and Mister World of Twelve, Touch Edition!


Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your character and server? Have you played DOFUS on PC too?

I'm Trama, a multi-class player on the Herdegrize server, and I specialize in the Kolossium!
I'd like to give a shout-out to my guild, Wall Street, the best one out there!

Let's talk about skins: How did you discover this aspect of the game, and what drew you to it? Do you play with them regularly?

After doing quite a few things in the game, I turned to skins, which I think are a really important aspect in the game, after skills.
They're something I enjoy, which is why I change my skin almost every month!

Do you have a skin that you're particularly proud of or that you'd have liked to use for the contest, for example?

I've already created several skins, but the one I'm proudest of is my Sadida's current skin.

Besides skins, what aspect of DOFUS Touch do you enjoy the most?

As I said earlier, the Kolossium is really the most enjoyable aspect of the game for me.
So, I regularly take part in the game's tournaments! I love them!

Let's go back to the contest that made its mark in February and March, and which you won… Why did you decide to enter M&M 2022? What inspired you to do so? Was it your first time?

This year was my second time!
I already took part in the very first M&M. I was selected for the second round, but unfortunately not for the remainder of the adventure.
So, this year I wanted to take revenge! And I kept my promise, haha!

What was your favorite round out of all three?

The first one, Spirit Animal! I already had an animal skin for my Sram… Sometimes fate smiles on you!

Which of the skins you entered is the most special to you? Could you explain your choices of items and colors, and maybe what inspired you?

The last one was special to me. I've always tried to choose items that are unrelated to each other.
There are similar, matching items in a set. But you probably noticed that in the three skins I entered, none of the items were part of the same attire pack as another. Maybe that was my strength!

How did you hear about the contest?

I saw the announcement on Twitter in a DOFUS Touch post.

What do you think of these kinds of activities? Would you like to see more?

I love these kinds of events – they get me really excited! It's too bad there aren't more of them, with all-new ceremonial items, for example, or titles besides M&M for other occasions!

Did you find the rounds and themes difficult?

I felt antsy in the second round, especially when it came to choosing the map and colors. What's more, there were loads of lovely and original skins!

Did creating the skins for your entries take you a lot of time?

Not really. I'd say two hours at most; the one for the second round was the most difficult…

Did you expect such competition in the various rounds? How did you handle it?

There was competition alright – saying otherwise would be a lie!
I was wary of some really motivated players who collect rare in-game items. But to handle it, I tried to outdo myself at every stage and be as original as possible!

Is there anything about how the contest is run that you think could be changed or improved?

Not particularly. It went pretty smoothly, and it was easy to understand. If I had to change something, it would mainly be regarding the amulet, which isn't ceremonial…

If you'd had to invent or propose a theme for one of the rounds, what would you have chosen?

The themes were brilliant! But if I'd had the choice, I would have proposed "represent your favorite Dofus".

Do you have a quick message for the teams in charge of attire and the appearance of items in DOFUS Touch?

Your attire is great, but it's too bad when I miss out on some, especially because of the selling price!

So, a few final words?

I'd like to thank the team for this event, which must have taken a long time to prepare! You're amazing! Don't change one bit!!