This little Xelor managed to stand out from the crowd all through the rounds of the latest Miss and Mister World of Twelve. The important thing for her was to try… After all, nothing is impossible!
We caught up with Petit-orage – a Xelor on the Terra Cogita server and winner of Miss World of Twelve 2022, Touch Edition.


Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your character and server? Have you played DOFUS on PC too?

I'm Orage; I used to play on PC, and I've played Touch for the last three years.
I play as a Xelor on Terra Cogita, but you can also see me as a Feca, Sadi, or Panda with the Les Lamas guild!

Let's talk about skins: How did you discover this aspect of the game, and what drew you to it? Do you play with them regularly?

I played without attire for a year, but then I got bored. That's when I wanted to get a nice skin. I'm often on the Dofusbook Skinator, though I'm trying to stop changing all the time within the game (but it's hard because it's addictive…).

Do you have a skin that you're particularly proud of or that you'd have liked to use for the contest, for example?

There are too many to choose from! There's my Sadida's, which will look like this when it's finished:


Besides skins, what aspect of DOFUS Touch do you enjoy the most?

I do more PvP than PvM! The update that added 4v4 brought something new, but I think there are still other changes to be made, such as for the Kolossium.

Let's go back to the contest that made its mark these last few months, and which you won. Why did you decide to enter M&M 2022? What inspired you to do so? Was it your first time?

Yes, I'd never entered a contest before!
Actually, I often change attire. So I thought, "Why not give it a try?" Sadly, I'd been thinking about stopping playing just recently. It was extra motivation for me to stay.

What was your favorite round out of all three?

My favorite was the final round: Instinct! It gave me the freedom to be creative. I also had the opportunity to see various impressive entries.

Which of the skins you entered is the most special to you? Could you explain your choices of items and colors, and maybe what inspired you?

The skin I entered for the first round – even though I'm really not satisfied with it – because it couldn't have been better suited to the theme, if you ask me!
I matched my colors to my pet, which was the main element, and then I found the map, and finally the headgear and cape that went with it all. Even though it's far from being my favorite, I'm glad I chose it for my entry.

How did you hear about the contest? What do you think of these kinds of activities? Would you like to see more?

I saw it when I opened the app, where the news scrolls.
It's good to have events where players are rewarded at the end, because it's motivating, and it can also bring players together.

Did you find the rounds and themes difficult?

Each time a round was announced, I thought I was doomed, haha!
Then, I would roll up my sleeves after the good news arrived, sort through what I had in my inventory, rummage through the marketplace, and stop when I found inspiration. It's a good thing that the Skinator exists!

Did creating the skins for your entries take you a lot of time?

I spent a long time on the Skinator before making my skin in the game and then changing my mind.
So, it took me several days to decide for each round because I didn't want to have regrets after posting an entry.

Did you expect such competition in the various rounds? How did you handle it?

Honestly, I thought there would be more entries.
Some were more impressive than others, with skins that had been seen before.
It was really in the second round that I started having doubts.

Is there anything about how the contest is run that you think could be changed or improved?

Maybe a more "private" place to post skins, such as on Discord, to make everyone's work easier.

If you'd had to invent or propose a theme for one of the rounds, what would you have chosen?

Why not a theme where you must use a ceremonial item or an item you can get for free, like from quests, missions, events, or free in the shop? That would be original!

Do you have a quick message for the teams in charge of attire and the appearance of items in DOFUS Touch?

For starters, congratulations for the work you did and the work to come!
Apart from that, it would be nice if we could put attire in the marketplace, like in DOFUS on PC, and you could perhaps lower the prices of some packs!

A few final words?

Thank you, and I hope to see you soon for more contests!