To reinforce existing staff and continue to effectively tackle bots and other rule-violating behaviors, we are accepting applications for the moderator role now through the rest of the year! Are you interested? Apply now on our special recruitment page!

Recrutement de modérateurs



Your dream of becoming a big cat in DOFUS Touch can now finally come true! Obviously, you won't be roaring like a lion at the other players, let alone devouring them. Instead, you'll ensure that they can talk about the game in a pleasant environment. Moderators are volunteers who have earned Ankama's trust and have access to specific tools to make sure the game stays friendly. Their main mission is to make sure that everyone respects the rules of DOFUS Touch. Interested? Great! Keep reading!

Recruitment Format

Applications for the position of a moderator will be accepted year-round. At regular intervals and based on moderating needs, we will sort through the applications we receive and then respond to applicants selected for the next recruitment phase.
Onboarding new moderators will depend on the quality and quantity of applications received.
So you can apply right now, based on your availability and the time you'll need to complete an application.

Reality of the Job

Moderation is not an easy role. The associated responsibilities and duties are not trifling. Moderators are unpaid volunteers who perform their work from home (or from anywhere else – after all, this is DOFUS Touch!). To avoid conflicts of interest and for their own protection, moderators must remain anonymous at all times and are not authorized to moderate on their own game server. Similarly, they must never for any reason divulge information or tools obtained from Ankama. Moderators have no special contact with the production team. Their only points of contact are members of the community management team. But since the team is super friendly and hard-working, that's pretty great in itself, right?

How to Apply

Ready to join the ranks of the moderation team? Visit this new page to learn about the requirements, as well as the steps to take for your application to be complete:

See you soon in DOFUS Touch!