Five years ago, you lent a hand to the Charlie's Agents agency to fend off attacks by Father Kwismas, Father Whupper and the Itzting, who had come to wreak revenge on Grozilla and Grasmera after the "incident" in 639. Yes, yes… on Kwismas Island, revenge is a dish best eaten cold… colder than cold… and twice over! Today, the dinner revenge bell has rung!


It's been five years and, all this time, the three cool cucumbers have been spending every spare moment ruminating and cooking up their (second helping of) revenge. And this time, they're upping their game: They won't be alone! They'll be surrounded by an army of monsters – each more frosty than the next, and all ready to teach the giants Grozilla and Grasmera a lesson… and teach you one, too, of course!

Invasion scheduled for Tuesday, July 19 through Tuesday, July 26!

The three bosses have divided up the territory cleverly. Each has his own zone to cover as much ground as possible. It's up to you to show them that they should have stayed home! 

Fight them in turn and make it out alive (it's always best to survive) and you'll take home a Survivor Shield that unlocks the exclusive Terror of Vulkania title! It'll be yours once you've defeated the monster for your level, specifically:


If you manage to defeat more than 10,000 monsters from Kwismas Island, an "unlimited bunch of keys" bonus weekend will be held from Friday, July 29 (5:00 p.m., Paris time) through Monday, August 1 (9:00 a.m., Paris time).

Get ready, get set… Vulkania Ho!