If you have been following our social media channels, you may have suspected it, because some signs are never misleading. If you are told to get ready for importing characters on to the beta server, then the beta itself can't be far away. If we follow up with some teaser tweets, it can only confirm your suspicions!


The next DOFUS Touch update will be here very soon in beta mode!

The next iteration of DOFUS Touch, which will be 1.56, is fast approaching. As for what it contains, we have already given you some clues: modifications for certain classes, new items… Is that not enough for you? Well, join us from Wednesday, July 27, to learn about all the new content to be found on the beta server!

But before that, a little reminder…


The beta phase allows players to test updates before they're rolled out, so they can give us their views on in-game developments and help us identify any shortcomings.

This phase is a chance for us to fine-tune and improve how upcoming updates work by performing large-scale tests involving hundreds of players at once. These tests complement the ones we perform internally.


"DOFUS Touch Early" is no more!

Now, to access the beta, you just need to go directly to the DOFUS Touch app and click the button that appears during the beta period (and only during this period). This will take you from the regular game to the beta.

As a reminder:

  • Characters are imported from the DOFUS Touch app at different times throughout the year. So don't be surprised if your character in the beta doesn't have their latest equipment, kamas, etc.!
  • Actions you take in the beta phase will have no impact on the regular application or servers.
  • Our team reserves the right to reset the server at any time.


Testing Guidelines

When the team provides no specific test instructions, we encourage players to test a beta version using two different methods:

  • Read the changelog and test the listed changes.
  • Test the content and features that are not directly affected by the changes in the changelog to confirm that the update hasn't caused any unexpected side effects.

To facilitate testing, an NPC is located at the Amakna Village Zaap at [-2,0]. Talk to this NPC to buy various items related to the update being tested.

Communication with Staff

Players can communicate with each other and with the DOFUS Touch team via two platforms:

The forum is preferable because it's easier to track discussions there over time.

Are you ready to check out what's new in the next update?