Woah! Amazing! Once again, you have shown immense courage and solidarity. Shoulder to shoulder with other Twelvians, you stood up to and defended the attacks from the bosses of Kwismas Island, who had come to spoil the party of Vulkania! A promise is a promise! The "unlimited bunch of keys" bonus weekend will be happening!


You taught Father Kwismas, Father Whupper, and the Itzting a good lesson! They left with their baubles between their legs, their shoulders slumped, and with a defeated look on their faces. One thing's for sure, we won't be seeing them again any time soon! Not before Kwismas at least…

Together with the other Twelvians who were there when the invasion happened, you managed to defeat over 10,000 monsters from Kwismas Island. This is a feat your descendants will proudly talk about for decades to come!

However, nice as that is, being talked about when you're long gone isn't something you can enjoy right now… That's why the "unlimited bunch of keys" bonus weekend that we promised will be going ahead!

From Friday, July 29 (5 p.m. Paris time) to Monday, August 1 (9 a.m. Paris time), visit Goultard at the Amakna Castle Zaap [3, -5]. He will more than happy to swap your old bunch of keys for a brand-new one!

Again, well done for your achievement, and enjoy your reward!