When it's time to go into battle, don't be a shrinking violet. Dive in bravely, enthusiastically, and maybe even a bit naively. With the Flowery Pack, you can let your true nature shine naturally because you'll always come up roses. Your opponents will be the ones saying "Oops-a-daisy!"


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Week #33 (from Tuesday, August 16 at 9 a.m. to Tuesday, August 23 at 9 a.m. Paris time)

This Week's Special Offer

Flowery Pack

It's time to let your good humor bloom! If your language is usually… err… "flowery", this time you'll sow the seeds of relationship success and enjoy the summer and sunshine as you open your heart to others thanks to the Flowery Pack.

It contains:

These items will be linked to your account.

* These items adapt to match your character's main color.

Other Items Available All Week

  • Sets
    • Lonne's Attire
    • Pony Attire
    • Noke's Attire
    • Pandalida Attire
    • Miss Lousy Piggy Set
    • Percimol Attire
  • Emotes
  • Consumables
    • 10 Wealthy Fairyworks
    • Chocolate Shigekax
    • Orange Shigekax
    • Mirabelle Plum Shigekax
    • Api Shigekax
    • Pack of 4 Shigekax (3)

Prestige Cosmetic Items

The following prestige items will be available all throughout August:


You can also pick up the Enutrof set and Enuscot ceremonial pet together in the Enutrof Pack!

It's not too late…


Shamanic Packs: Free Your Spirit…

Embrace a mystical experience. You can take the path less traveled, a journey of the mind, without completely giving up your daily rituals, comfortable habits and steadfast beliefs. Or you can follow your dreams and let yourself be entranced by the promise of new worlds and a higher state of self-consciousness! You can go anywhere with the Shamanic Packs – you just need to choose the rite passage!

Shamanic Getaway Pack

Shamanic Outing Pack

Shamanic Journey Pack

The sets in these three packs contain ceremonial items that are linked to the account.

These three packs will be available in the shop for the entire month of August!

Legendary Pack

If you hope to become a legend, you'll need to be tenacious. An adventurer's life is filled with countless obstacles, but the rewards are worth the struggle. The Legendary Pack is bursting with items that exude success, helping you to stay in the fight and make even your wildest dreams come true! Like the dream of writing your name in foot-high gold letters in the history of the Krosmoz… This pack contains:


You'll find them all in the shop until the next update comes along!