Enigmatic as a magic trick, the Mystery Man is definitely the type to leave you little cuttings as clues or riddles… It would be a misdirect! Although there is the matter of a free Mystery Man Set this week, we're not talking about that kind of cutting… But it does have to do with magic! Do you follow?


Week #39 (from Tuesday, September 27 at 9 a.m. to Tuesday, October 4 at 9 a.m. Paris time)

This Week's Special Offers

Cutting Emote

The child in you always wanted to learn how this trick works, and maybe even try it! The adult is less gutsy, preferring to guard against danger… But thanks to the Cutting emote, you can perform this classic magic trick impressively and without any risk!

The gif that follows isn't for the faint of heart… If that's you, just get in the box. You can trust us…


Until the maintenance period on Tuesday, October 4, the Cutting emote will come with any purchase using real money (those using ogrines are excluded).

Haurned Pack

When combined, the items in this pack will give you a truly wild appearance, along with a penchant for kicking at the stalls, so people will be cautious when approaching you. The Haurned Pack contains:

It'll be in the shop all week long!

Other Items Available All Week

  • Ceremonial Sets
    • Viootifool
    • Zadioc
    • Poppinz
    • Plisoner
    • Zombite
  • Living Items

Prestige Cosmetic Items

The following prestige items will be available all throughout September:


You can also find the Bony Set, the Azure Set, the Armoured Tortoise petsmount and the Bony Arachnee petsmount together in the Carapack!

* Linked to the account.

It's not too late!

High Seas Pack

If you seriously think that "Hoist the projectopult!" is a legitimate English sentence, then your pirate cred is probably pretty close to zero. But don't worry! If this pack caught your eye, it's probably because of the feathered friend that you're already picturing on your shoulder, stepping on all your punchlines with an ear-splitting squawk.

The High Seas Pack is available at a discount this week! It contains:


All items in the pack are linked to the account.

Buccaneer Pack

Arrrr! Shiver me timbers, you really know how to talk like a pirate… and not just at the Me Hearty Party! That deserves a bit of treasure… and the Buccaneer Pack is just the one you've been hunting for! It contains:

  • A Pirate Set (chameleon), which includes:
    • Pirate Tricorn
    • Pirate Coat
    • Pirate Shield
  • A Hikups pet (chameleon)
  • A Makeover Pack (color and face change)

All items in the pack are linked to the account.

These packs will be available in the shop from now through Tuesday, October 11!