First launched in 2018, the All Star Touch is back for a second edition!  Whether or not you're into PvP, we invite you to support your server, come what may! Psst… There's rewards up for grabs…


Reserved for the PvP elite of DOFUS Touch, unlike its more accessible older sibling Abyss Joust, the All Star Touch competition is a mix of intra-sever tournaments and inter-server finals. Finals will be held on the Tournament server in draft format with a bank of supplied equipment.

Is PvP not important to you? We hear you! You don't have to eat, sleep, and breathe fighting to be a good adventurer, right? Luckily, there's plenty of ways to show your unwavering support for your server…

To mark this new edition of the All Star Touch, we're running a contest for the best of the lot! We've set up various challenges through which you can individually score a point for your server. These are:

  • Win the All Star Touch #2 (obviously)
  • Write your server's anthem – you've got the musical chops for it…
  • Design an emblem for your server – let your inner artist shine!
  • Lastly, receive the jury's choice award in the Twitter contest to take place during the finals.

The server that rack up the most points will score a new bonus weekend including an unlimited bunch of keys and 50% extra XP and loot!

So, let's say you've defended your server to the end, and it's paid off: you're at the top of the ranking… but so is your neighbor! Ergo, it's an unavoidable tie. Should this happen, it's also a no-lose situation! The servers with the most points, even if they are tied with others, will get the bonus weekend as a prize!

FYI, the anthem writing and emblem design contests will kick off in the next few weeks.

To stay in the loop about the upcoming contests, be sure to follow us on social media! That's also the place to cheer on your server (which is, of course, better than all the rest).