The qualification phase of the All Star Touch #2 is winding up with the Oshimo and Dodge servers! Which teams will qualify for the final stages?

All Star Touch DOFUS Touch


Oshimo and Dodge are getting ready to host their qualification tournament for All Star Touch #2! The top three teams from each tournament will qualify for the next stages of All Star Touch #2, which will be inter-server events held on the Tournament server and with draft stages.

To learn more about this competition, read this devblog.


For this tournament, our partner JeuxOnLine will be making their online betting system available for your use. It will work the same way as the system used for previous inter-server events.

Bets are now available!

You'll have a chance to win some great prizes. For more information, click here (page is in French).



These rules may be modified and/or adapted based on the situation, at the organizers' discretion.

Any participant who fails to comply with the rules below will be barred from the tournament or may cause their team to be disqualified.

The All Star Touch tournament on Oshimo and Dodge will feature battles between teams made up of 3 distinct players.

To keep the battles as balanced as possible, those participating in the tournaments will need to have reached level 200.

The tournaments will take place over the course of a single weekend, using a Swiss rounds format.
The Oshimo tournament will be held on October 15 and 16 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. (CEST).
The Dodge tournament will be held on October 15 and 16 from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. that night (CEST).

The referee team will be made up of organizers, moderators and community helpers. Referees will look like owls in the game, so they'll be easy to identify.

By signing up for the tournament, all participants agree to comply with the following rules.


  • All participants, commentators and organizers must treat other participants, commentators and organizers (and all other human beings) with respect. Any insults or provocative behavior will be sanctioned.
  • Lending an account is forbidden.
  • The team captain must be present on the tournament Discord before and during the tournament to ensure effective communication.
  • Each participant must make sure to be available for all stages of the tournament, and also for the subsequent inter-server stages if you qualify (see the All Star Touch devblog)!
    • The weekend of October 29-30 if you reach the playoffs
    • The weekend of November 5-6 for the final stages

Restrictions on team composition


Team absences

If a player fails to appear for a match, their team will lose by forfeit.
A second such absence will cause the team to be disqualified from the tournament.

Preparing and starting battles

  • Battles will take place only on the map indicated by the referees.
  • If a team or any of its members fails to appear within 15 minutes after the start of the battle, that team will lose by forfeit.
  • Multi-account play is prohibited, and may be checked by the moderation team in each battle.
  • Shigekax and potions that give bonuses are prohibited.
  • Items that give penalties are also prohibited.

Bugs, crashes, and breaks

  • If one of the participants crashes, the battle will not be restarted unless both captains come to an agreement.
  • In the event of a server crash, the battle will always be restarted unless both captains want to continue.
  • Any bug exploits or attempted bug exploits aimed at putting the opposing team at a disadvantage may result in penalties or disqualification for the offending team.
  • Any conduct that involves giving up in order to create an advantage of any kind for one's team is prohibited.


The tournament will take place in the dedicated PvP area (Hall of the Valiant), available within the Kolossium. Matches will be selected through an Arena Draft stage between the captains of each team.

Access to these arenas will be through the Kolossium, at [-13,-29] in the room at the right.

  • Close Combat Arena: Iop, Sacrier, Ecaflip
  • Mid-Range Arena: Eniripsa, Sadida
  • Long-Range Arena: Xelor, Rogue, Foggernaut, Sram
Arena Drafts
Before each match, there will be a strategic arena draft stage in which the captains will take turns excluding an arena of their choice.

The captain who goes first in this process will be the captain of the first team listed for each matchup. For example, in a matchup of "Team A vs. Team B", the captain of Team A will be the first to pick an arena to exclude from consideration.

Each team will exclude 4 arenas, taking turns excluding one arena at a time. The last remaining arena will be where the match is played.



Why this format?
The Swiss rounds system was chosen for the qualification tournaments because it meets two essential constraints by allowing the tournament to be held in a single weekend without having to limit the number of participants.

Each player will play in the same number of matches, and the matching criteria in use will result in a logical and fairly reliable ranking.

The Swiss rounds concept
The basic concept of a Swiss rounds tournament is that each player is matched up against an opponent who, thus far, has performed as well (or poorly) as themselves.

The first round is determined by a random drawing. Subsequent rounds are determined by a random drawing amongst the participants with the most similar results possible. For example, the second round will match teams with 1 victory against each other and match those with 1 loss against each other, etc.

The winners receive one point, and the losers receive no points.

After the last round, the players are ranked by their score; if two teams have the same score, they can be further distinguished by the sum of their opponents' scores (OWP for the stats nerds out there).
If there is a tie on OWP as well, and if the teams have already played against each other in the tournament, then the team that won that match is ranked higher. Otherwise, a tiebreaker match is played.

The number of rounds needed to establish the ranking will depend on the number of participants.
There will be up to 4 rounds held on Saturday, and up to 4 rounds held on Sunday.


Tournaments produce winners, which of course means prizes! Ankama will give out the following prizes to the best players.

1st place, per player:
  • Automatic qualification for the final phases of All Star Touch
  • A Battler Shield
  • An exclusive title: "God of the Arena"
  • Horneteddy pet
  • 4-month Bonus Pack
  • 10,000 goultines

2nd place, per player:
  • Automatic qualification for the final stages of All Star Touch
  • An exclusive title: "Spare God"
  • Horneteddy pet
  • 2-month Bonus Pack
  • 5,000 goultines

3rd place, per player:
  • Qualification for the All Star Touch playoffs
  • 1-month Bonus Pack
  • 2,500 goultines


The Discord server

A dedicated Discord server has been created for the tournament so that the whole community can keep up with all the latest information about All Star Touch. Join the Discord server for the tournament you want to follow:


You'll be able to watch the tournament live on different streamers' channels!

Mark this Saturday on your calendars for the start of a tournament that promises to be full of exciting twists and turns!

Participation in the tournament implies and entails the unconditional acceptance of these rules by all players.