Recently, as part of All Star Touch #2, you demonstrated your love of words and literature, some of you even getting so carried away as to improvise an Alexandrine (yes, you are that wacky). After composing the theme of your server, we now want you to come up with its emblem!

From now until 9 a.m. (Paris time) on November 7, get your crayons and color charts for a new challenge as part of All Star Touch #2!

We want you to enter a drawing contest and not just any old drawing contest: We want you to come up with a design for your server's emblem. Dig deep into your brain, capture the feeling in your gut, and look into your heart to extract the essence of the server you endlessly fight for, day after day, sometimes to the point of forgetting to feed yourself or even wash.

Then you just need to get all that down on paper or a graphic tablet and share it with us (don't be shy!) in a comment on this forum thread.

The winners, chosen by a jury of experts and authorities on heraldry (just ask Myriam Websta), will score one point for their server and win a Paint emote and 5,000 goultines.



Your server's emblem

You must share your participation as a comment on this article to be considered

One winner per community will earn the Paint emote and 5,000 goultines

One winner among all communities will earn the point for his/her server

Until Monday, November 7, 9 a.m. (Paris time)

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