The qualifiers for the interserver phase of the All Star Touch PvP Tournament have now finished! We know which teams will defend the colors of their servers, your servers, on October 29 and 30.


After several weeks of intense competition on the various servers, we now know who will be proudly representing each of these servers during the next interserver phase of All Star Touch 2, which will begin on October 29 with the playoffs!



Last chance!

Five teams finished in 3rd place on their respective servers, so these five teams will compete against each other to book a place in the final phases on November 5 and 6!

The five teams are:

  • Blitzkrieg, from the Herdegrize server, composed of the players Higata, Pepete-latempete, and Professeur-exa.
  • YPIOM, from the Grandapan server, composed of the players Paapaya, Noobi, and Dia-ixe.
  • Chatattaque, from the Terra Cogita server, composed of the players Nelliel-chan, Cisae, and Ush-on.
  • Malayas Qlias, from the Brutas server, composed of the players Luckert-blood, Trueno-o, and Riddlez
  • BO, from the Oshimo server, composed of the players Bicoxx, Criisis-Il, and Shaeiyna.


BO1 and draft playoff matches will take place on October 29 and 30 between the five teams above. Only four can qualify for the quarterfinals.

Selection of the team compositions and the map where the fight will be played will take place via a draft phase between the team captains. Details of a draft phase are available in the rules.

For the rankings in this phase, a victory awards one point, and a defeat awards zero points. If two teams are tied, the team that won the matchup during the Tournament wins.

The best four teams win a place in the final phase. The team in 5th place is therefore eliminated.

In the event of a tie at the end of the playoffs, teams will be ranked according to the following, in this order:

  • Number of victories
  • If two teams are tied, the team that won the matchup between them will qualify
  • Number of deaths
  • Number of turns in all victories (lowest number is best)


Saturday, October 29: 2 rounds (BO1) starting at 4 p.m. (Paris time)

  • Map Sram :
    YPIOM vs BO
    Blitzkrieg vs Malayas Qlias
  • Map Ecaflip :
    Chatattaque vs YPIOM
    BO vs Blitzkrieg
Sunday, October 30: 3 rounds (BO1) starting at 4 p.m. (Paris time)
  • Map Rogue :
    Malayas Qlias vs Chatattaque
    YPIOM vs Blitzkrieg
  • Map Sacrier :
    BO vs Malayas Qlias
    Blitzkrieg vs Chatattaque
  • Map Eniripsa :
    Malayas Qlias vs YPIOM
    Chatattaque vs BO
There will be a 30-minute break for the drafts and for preparation between the end of a round and the start of the next one.


Most of the All Star Touch, starting with the qualifiers on your servers, will be streamed on different channels!


Our partner JeuxOnline is making its online betting module available for the entire All Star Touch! So, you have the chance to bet on the different tournament phases. The best among you will take away some nice prizes!

You can read all rules for the All Star Touch tournament here.