Truth be told, the boss of the Fouxwork Factory only has eyes for his Trophy Founoroshi Shield. From now through Wednesday, November 9, anyone who wants to claim it for themselves will have to be skilled at playing with fire… or risk dying before the big finale.

While cheerfully harvesting resources one day in Feudala, you suddenly see smoke signals in the distance. Or maybe it's a terrible explosion, hard to say… But no matter! Whether it's burning or blinding, where there's smoke, there's Founoroshi.

Within seconds, you've already saddled up and headed out for the Fouxwork Factory. You know that the old fellow in charge of the place loves to get loud from time to time.

Making your way past Boombardiers and Spitfoux, Fouxnamballists and Gingerockets, you soon come eyebrow to bushy eyebrow with the venerable Founoroshi. If you can blast through his defenses and get out before it all goes sky-high, you can hit him with the sick burn you've been practicing: "Sorry Gramps, but at least you went out with a bang!"

From Wednesday, November 2 through Wednesday, November 9, head to the Fouxwork Factory to take on the master of sparklers, firecrackers and Roman candles. Out-boom the boomer and you'll take home the Trophy Founoroshi Shield.*


Don't be fooled into thinking old Founoroshi has been blinded by one too many explosions! If it weren't for his voluminous eyebrows, you'd feel the heat of his smoldering glare.

* Offer valid once per character. Monsters killed in arenas don't count. The shield will appear directly in your inventory and is linked to the account.