It's been a while since you received any Lance Dur news and learned more about its impact in-game… but your next dose of spoilers is here! The next part of Klimti Swood's story, clues, exclusive images and revelations about what's in store at the end of the year: It's all here and on the Lance Dur website!

In the last episode…

We previously spoke to you about the starting point for everything that will be coming to the game, webtoon, and even merchandise in the coming weeks and months. It all started with The Last Adventure of Count Lance Dur, an animated series created by Tot, which tells of the final quest of an old adventurer and his guild who are still eager for a good fight despite the arthritis in their joints. Facing great dangers and giving out a good butt-whooping never gets old!

A new class, new areas, new bosses and creatures: Each game will write a part of their story and enhance your adventure along the way. Although the new character class will only be available in DOFUS, you will see from reading all the Forgenews articles that all games have a great year-end update in store for you!

The story of Klimti Swood revealed the name of the new Forgelance class as well as the island they come from: Albuera. A few days from now, you will be able to explore it in DOFUS, DOFUS Touch, WAVEN, the anime… and this Friday, October 28, during the KrosmoNote! When we last heard about Klimti Swood, the lancer was searching for a blacksmith in the city of Astrub so he could get his precious weapon mended. It had broken while fighting to save his brother from an armored colossus…



Background: The Blacksmith

A fierce fire was crackling in the forge. The heat was so intense that the hearth appeared to be rippling. A pair of iron tongs reached into the fiery maw to pull out a red-glowing metal plate. It was placed on the anvil, ready to be hammered. The blacksmith had just a few seconds to work on it before the metal hardened. He worked meticulously with intense focus. But he still noticed a shaft of light suddenly reflecting off an ax on his workbench. It was daylight. Someone had opened his front door. He finished off a series of strikes before placing the hammer down.

"I'll be with you right away!" he said without turning around.


Fergus wore round protective goggles, which were completely opaque, even on the sides. It was hard to believe he could see anything through those pitch-black lenses. When the stocky Enutrof pulled them up onto his forehead, they left a stark white stripe across his sooty face. He removed his gloves, turned around, and jumped in surprise when he realized his visitor was already standing in the middle of his workshop.

"By my beard! Is that how you usually enter people's houses?!"

"Please excuse me, I'm not always the most… patient of people," said an adventurer wearing a gold and azure outfit and sporting a remarkably upright crest of hair.

"It's fine, don't you worry about it… So, what can I do for you, my friend?"


The visitor took a long weapon from off his back. It was split all along its shaft to the point. The blacksmith's eyes lit up as the flames behind him reflected in them in a flamboyant dance.

"By Enutrof, what could have ruined such a beauty?"

"You would never believe me…"

"Try me," said Fergus as he took the golden lance to better study it from every angle.

"Very well…" sighed the adventurer. "My name is Klimti Swood and I'm from Albuera. I was on my way to Astrub with my brother when we were suddenly… attacked. Anyhow! My weapon ended up like that, and my brother disappeared. I simply must have it repaired so I can save… well… so I can find my brother."


The Enutrof handed the weapon back to its owner and returned to his work.

"We don't see many Forgelances around here. Although it's becoming more common lately… What brings you to Astrub?"

With two sharp blows, he punched the ends of the plate he had just been working on. The Forgelance was irritated by all the questions but went along with it anyway – he needed the blacksmith's help. But he couldn't help letting out a sigh.

"It's been many years since I saw Dayd… We haven't done an expedition, just the two of us, since we were teens. It was a good opportunity to talk. Or at least to do something together. And Astrub is a great place to start a new adventure, right?"



Fergus turned away from Klimti to attach the plate to a steel support on his workbench.

"And… what attacked you?" pressed the Enutrof. "It must have been powerful to cause such damage… and to flip you over like a pancake!"

"It didn't flip me over like a pancake! I've taken down bigger things than that! I was just surprised, that's all. Surprised by how it suddenly appeared behind me… and by its incredibly thick amor. If I could have faced it in a fair fight, I would have found its weak spot, and I would be selling you its gear right now…"

"So, it was an armored colossus, eh… And did this lucky beast have any other distinctive marks?"

"I didn't have time to look. As I said, it took me completely by surprise. But… it did give off a purplish glow. And I think I even saw…"


"… Well, that it had a candle under its helmet… A candle where its head should have been."


Fergus stopped dead in his tracks. Then he turned back to the item he was making.

"Come here… What do you think?"


Klimti Swood did what he had been asked and took the blacksmith's creation. Fergus climbed on a stool to work the bellows and revive the fire in the forge. Meanwhile, the Forgelance studied what he had in his hands. It was an intimidating helmet, and the flames revealed spaces where there should have been a pair of eyes. The sight of it disturbed him, undoubtedly reminding him of that fateful night.

"It's… wonderful. A true work of art."


A loud hiss wrenched Swood from his thoughts. The blacksmith had just plunged a glowing piece of metal into a water barrel. Then he approached the lancer.

"I'll repair the lance for you, as long as you have the coin to pay for it."

"Thank you."

"But you should know what you're dealing with. If you've crossed paths with the creature I think you have, you won't stop it. You'll never stop it."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about something the likes of which you've never seen before. Something you can't fight. And if you do, you need to know what will happen. The only thing that can happen."


"Run, run, whatever you do, Cire Momore is after you…"

"'If you don't finish your plate, Cire Momore will seal your fate…' Yes, yes, I know the rhyme!"

"It's not just a nursery rhyme for kids!" said Fergus. "The creature really exists!"

"Is this what you do, play jokes on foreigners? Or has all the heat in here got to your head?"

"Tell me, did it try to attack you? And I mean you, yourself?"


"Cire Momore, did it pay any attention to you or did it pounce straight onto your brother?"

"I… Well, er…" stammered Klimti before finding the words. "It was as if it didn't even know I was there."


The lancer could tell from the blacksmith's face that this was not good news.

"Mr. Swood…"

"Call me Klimti."

"Mr. Klimti…" The Forgelance rolled his eyes. "Was your brother the type of adventurer that sought out treasure?"

"What do you mean, 'was'? He IS an adventurer! Who lives and breathes, just like everyone else…"

"Did he by chance discover any treasure? Did he tell you anything about it?"

"I don't know anything about any treasure! As I said, we hadn't seen each other in a very long time!"

"Listen to me, Mr. Swood…"

"It's Klimti!"

"As I was saying, I will help you… in exchange for a nice purse of kamas, of course. But, if your brother laid his hands on the treasure of Cire Momore…"


Fergus never finished his sentence. Klimti Swood lowered his head.

The reflection of the flames danced on the dark helmet…


To be continued in the next FORGENEWS…

DOFUS Art Direction: Official Illustrations and Class Sprites

Illustrations, both male and female versions, are a crucial step in exploring a new class. They represent getting a step closer to the concept becoming a reality and adding new fighters to the game. Take a good look at these!


This artwork is by Cynthia Leman, who is also working on the Lance Dur webtoons, which you can see in March 2023.

Excerpt from episode 2 of the webtoon,
In a Count's Shoes

That was well played Lance, but it was a close call... It could have ended badly...
Why don't you entrust Agard to his grandfather?
That's what we do when we leave for our adventures.
There's no way I'm trusting him with my son...

Want more? Enjoy the sprites and faces of some in-game characters!

Come on, stand up straight for the photo!
How about a smile? Hmm… that will do I suppose…

DOFUS Touch Art Direction: Forgelance NPCs

DOFUS Touch will soon have a bevy of non-player characters from the new class to guide you in brand-new adventures! This includes Ayin Spyr, an important NPC who will lend a hand in difficult times…

For more information, don't miss the KrosmoNote in two days!

WAKFU Art Direction: Cire Momore

In WAKFU, you will come face to face with a creature who never backs down and is one of the most terrifying enemies in the whole Krosmoz.


Cire Momore in WAKFU
Cire Momore training while waiting for its guests.
Cire Momore's treasure
Better to leave it alone!

The armored colossus won't be the only one making life difficult for you in the next WAKFU update, but it's a major part of the Lance Dur transmedia adventure.



Merchandise: Cire Momore

Undisputed star of Japan Expo (legend has it that posters of the villain in the bathrooms were so popular that they were ripped off along with their frames…), Cire Momore will be very "present" in the holiday season and early 2023! You can wear it, sport it, display it and even cry with happiness in front of it if you want…

An eye-catching pin!
A beautiful Momore sweater for Christmas
The legendary posters from Japan Expo
The highlight of the show: The inimitable figurine of the relentless Cire Momore!

To learn more, watch a replay of the last Ankama Live:

Animation: Biste and Mouche

In the previous Forgenews, we showed you the "turns" for Lance Dur and Chaille. This time, we're introducing an improbable but particularly endearing couple: Biste and Mouche.

Pretty cute, aren't they?

That's all for today! Feel free to go back and have another look at everything we've talked about. The frequency of posts will be increasing, so get ready for the next one…

In the meantime, we'll see you on Friday, October 28, for the sights and sounds of the KrosmoNote, and in November for Forgenews #3!


To find out what's in store for you in the coming weeks and months, visit the Lance Dur website.

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