Those who watched Ankama's special conference, the KrosmoNote, already know: for the year ahead, DOFUS Touch is all about improvement! With the Krosmopack and our latest items of the week, you'll be all set to fully try them out and experience new adventures!

Pack Chaloeil Dofus Touch


Week #46 (from Tuesday, November 15 at 9 a.m. to Tuesday, November 22 at 9 a.m. Paris time)

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Class change potions can also be purchased with real currency. Find out more by reading this news article.

This Week's Special Offers

You may remember that for KrosmoNote 2021, we offered a pack for you to dive right into new and exciting adventures. Well, it's back in the shop and will be there all week long! The Krosmopack contains:

Krosmopack 2021 The Weegle Owl pet A 7-day bonus pack

More recently, KrosmoNote 2022 unveiled the plans to make improvements to DOFUS Touch. How about your own goals? Isn't it time to take the next step? To refine your gameplay and your strategy? We've got a pack that has everything you need in your quest for success and glory! It contains:

Special offer The Virizeon pet A 7-day Elite Bonus Pack


Other Items Available All Week

Rebel Recruit Neophyte Necromancer


Lonne's Attire Pony Attire Noke's Attire
Pandalida Attire Miss Lousy Piggy Attire Percimol Attire


Thing Leopardo Young Wild Battle Boar
Mekrab Smush


Dehluge Feathered Dragoturkey Black Madreggon


Ankhape Two-horned Hat
Bivalve Bontarian Shield


Beat a Drum


Darkness's Tormentator Fyred Ampe's Pickaxe Piggy Paupe's Staff


Parasymbic Set


10 Cawwot Fairyworks Coco Shigekax Morello Cherry Shigekax
Pear Shigekax Plum Shigekax Pack of 5 Shigekax (old)


Prestige Cosmetic Items

The following prestige items will be available all throughout October:

Catmeleon Berlo
(NEW & chameleon)
Catseye Shield
Noh Set Az'Hasstwo Shield
Externam Ambassador ornament Crypt Set
Emote Scroll: Meteor Minikron

You can also get the Catmeleon Berlo petsmount and the Catseye Shield together in the Catseye Pack!

These packs and items will be available in the shop from now through Tuesday, December 6 (8:30 a.m. Paris time).

Meteor emote


It's not too late…


Designed on the same model as the Shamanic Packs or the High Roller, Bluffer and Winner Packs, three Packatanas are available in the shop all this week. Sharp edges, handle with care!

Treat yourself to the Sharpened Packatana, which will put your enemies on a razor's edge. It contains:

Sharpened Packatana A Pandawarai pet
A 7-day bonus pack

Or perhaps you'd prefer the Slicing Packatana, which is truly a cut above:

Slicing Packatana A Pandawarai pet
A Samurai emote A 15-day bonus pack

Your final option is the Honed Packatana, for those with a keen eye for keen edges:

Honed Packatana A Chtiger Set
A Pandawarai pet
A Samuralive Ornament
A Samurai emote A Makeover Pack
(color change and face change)
30-day bonus pack 3,500 goultines
Samurai emote

Time to decide: Which one of these packs makes the cut?