After a few arrangements and updates by Ankama's sound team, the most iconic music compositions from DOFUS MMO, WAKFU MMO, the WAKFU animated series, Princess Dragon and even Lance Dur were handed off to the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. Listen to – and watch – the results!


Those who watched Ankama's special conference, the KrosmoNote, were treated to some excerpts from Pieces of Krosmoz. You can now listen to the concert's music in full on all music streaming platforms!

Bask in the most beautiful themes from Ankama's worlds, refreshed by Pierre-Jean Beaudoin, Guillaume Pladys and Guillaume Houzé, then performed by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Francois Rousselot, in a sumptuous setting.

Sound… and images!

A concert film a little over 28 minutes long is also available on our YouTube channel!

Happy listening and watching!