The beta for the Albuera: A Fresh Start update ended this week. And you know what that means… With the poise and flexibility of a bow meow landing on its feet, you'll soon be able to switch to the official version of this new update. The launch is scheduled for November 29! 



Tuesday, November 22 marked the end of the beta for Albuera: A Fresh Start.

First of all, we'd like to thank everyone who participated in this first stage. Thank you for playing along (in both meanings of the word) by agreeing to start over from scratch to test Albuera, the new area that will be taking over from Incarnam as the place where new players are welcomed to the world of DOFUS Touch and guided step-by-step through the start of their incredible adventure!

Thanks as well for spotting a few lingering bugs, and for your suggestions submitted in the forums or on social media. Your impressions and feedback are always very useful to us. They're what allow us to keep improving DOFUS Touch year after year to give you a game that meets your high expectations!

The beta may be over, but the adventure is just beginning! Jump into the game next Tuesday, November 29, to take your official first steps in this exciting new chapter of DOFUS Touch!