The new Albuera: A Fresh Start update is online! Log into the game now to experience your first steps in the World of Twelve in a new way!  

A page is turning, and a new chapter is about to be written… For many years, Incarnam has welcomed freshly incarnated souls of the Krosmoz, souls that sometimes feel lost in this unique and vast world.

Guiding these souls and taking them by the hand so they can eventually fly with their own wings is now the role of Albuera, a brand-new area and the starting point for every adventure in the World of Twelve!

Albuera: A Fresh Start will turn your old habits on their head! But don't worry, its goal is still the same: to make your game experience even better. New in this update:

  • The new tutorial area of Albuera
  • Updated lairs
  • Various revamped interfaces
  • A new spell for level 200
  • A new item type: Spellmaster Seals
  • And, of course, a wide range of updates to weapons and equipment

So? Ready for a fresh start?


Before jumping in, feel free to take a look at the changelog for more details about all the changes.