A free Pink Hatsofftoyou and two Progressopacks adapted to your in-game progression… what more could you ask for? A new rotation of items in the shop? Sure, all you had to do was ask! Oh… and some cookies and hot chocolate too? (Hmm… Be sure to save some of your wishes for Father Kwismas!)

Week #48 (from Tuesday, November 29 at 9 a.m. to Tuesday, December 6 at 9 a.m. Paris time)

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This Week's Special Offers

Pink Hatsofftoyou

Being on the cutting edge of fashion is no big deal. A simple Pink Hatsofftoyou to brighten up your outfit, and it's done!
This hat will be offered to you throughout the week!

Starter Pack

Getting ready to venture into the World of Twelve for the very first time? As the starting point for all the greatest and most glorious sagas, the Albuera archipelago will guide you through your first steps as you prepare to take flight to all the varied and fantastical lands of DOFUS Touch…

Start out on the right foot with the Starter Pack,* specially designed for novices in search of glory! 

It contains:

  • 800 goultines
  • A 30-day bonus pack that helps you level up your character thanks to a +150% bonus on experience and resources earned from combat. The +50% bonus when crafting items will also help you level up faster in your profession(s) and make you a master artisan!
  • A Rallying Horn emote
  • A Snowly petsmount with the following characteristics:
    • Level 15
    • +40 Power
  • A Nordic Ornament
  • An Initiate Scroll that grants a +5,000 experience bonus
  • A Terror of the North Lands title
Starter Pack 800 goultines and 30-day Bonus Pack
Snowly Petsmount Rallying Horn emote
Initiate Scroll Nordic Ornament


Scout Pack

While you're not a battle-hardened adventurer just yet (all in good time!), you've gained enough initial experience in the wonderful world of DOFUS Touch to feel a bit more confident, right? What if, besides continuing your own progression, you could also lend a hand to those just starting out on their journey, much like you not so long ago?

It's time to let your leadership skills shine with the Scout Pack!*

It contains:

  • 1,400 goultines
  • A 14-day bonus pack that helps you level up your character thanks to a +150% bonus on experience and resources earned from combat. The +50% bonus when crafting items will also help you level up faster in your profession(s) and make you a master artisan!
  • A chameleon ceremonial set containing: a Tundra Runner Fur Cloak, Tundra Runner Hide Shield, and Tundra Runner Golden Fleece
  • An Aquilar petsmount with the following characteristics:
    • Level 60
    • +1 MP
    • +40 Power
  • A "Minor Expert" trophy that grants a +25 Wisdom bonus
  • A "Minor Hardy" trophy that grants +25 Vitality bonus
Scout Pack 1,400 goultines
14-day bonus pack Aguilar petsmount
Tundra Runner Set Two trophies


Changes to petsmounts and goultines!

In case you haven't heard… it's now possible to equip petsmount skins on dragoturkeys! To celebrate this major breakthrough in the wonderful world of wild creature riding, ceremonial petsmounts are returning to the shop at the exceptional price of 5,000 ogrines! These are:

  • Bony Arachnee
  • Armoured Tortoise
  • Panthragon
  • Meowjestic
  • Armourtle
  • Unikron
  • Bigxine
  • Hesk
  • Shushum Codex
  • Souverain Grifforis
  • Dreamagon
  • Pandowla

We've also made some changes to our goultine packs. For all the details on these changes and on the offer that comes with your first purchase of each pack, check out this post.

Other Items Available All Week

Visitor from Externam Sidimote Warrior


Corsair Attire Green Ninja Attire Godfather Attire
Primate Attire Haks Or Ring Scarab Attire
Eybahl Willy Peninzias Noxine
Tubskito Gobtubby


Dhrellthat Skrot Boarhog


Brambler Shield Boss Saw Shield
Sufokian Shield Moon Cloak


Big Wave


Karotz' Staff Kloug's Wand Ougicle's Sword


Parasymbic Set


10 Starry Fairyworks Almond Shigekax Indigo Shigekax
Melon Shigekax Pippin Shigekax Pack of 4 Shigekax (2)


Prestige Cosmetic Items

The following prestige items will be available all throughout October:

Catmeleon Berlo
(NEW & chameleon)
Catseye Shield
Noh Set Az'Hasstwo Shield
Externam Ambassador ornament Crypt Set
Emote Scroll: Meteor Minikron

You can also get the Catmeleon Berlo petsmount and the Catseye Shield together in the Catseye Pack!

These packs and items will be available in the shop from now through Tuesday, December 6 (8:30 a.m. Paris time).

Meteor emote

It's not too late…


Designed on the same model as the Shamanic Packs or the High Roller, Bluffer and Winner Packs, three Packatanas are available in the shop all this week. Sharp edges, handle with care!

Treat yourself to the Sharpened Packatana, which will put your enemies on a razor's edge. It contains:

Sharpened Packatana A Pandawarai pet
A 7-day bonus pack

Or perhaps you'd prefer the Slicing Packatana, which is truly a cut above:

Slicing Packatana A Pandawarai pet
A Samurai emote A 15-day bonus pack

Your final option is the Honed Packatana, for those with a keen eye for keen edges:

Honed Packatana A Chtiger Set
A Pandawarai pet
A Samuralive Ornament
A Samurai emote A Makeover Pack
(color change and face change)
30-day bonus pack 3,500 goultines
Samurai emote

Time to decide: Which one of these packs makes the cut?