The winter sales are drawing to a close, but DOFUS Touch says it's not over yet! From now until Sunday, February 5, enjoy a 15% discount on goultine services and items from the Prestige category!

We thought they had managed to escape right up until the end, that they would evade the trap set by the winter sales, the snare that defenseless prices fall into every year as they scream to anyone who will hear that they didn't deserve such a cruel fate. But they underestimated the ruthlessness of the seasonal bargains, which take advantage of the winter cold to pounce on their victims when they are too numb to put up any kind of fight!

Ultimately, the goultine services and items in the Prestige category, available in the DOFUS Touch in-game shop, were not spared…

From now until Sunday, February 5, you'll find them slashed by 15% (and judging by their heartbreaking cries, it must have hurt a tad).

Maybe you'll find exactly what you need to achieve some of your new year's resolutions?