Saint Potrick's Day is nearly here! It's a chance for you to pour your heart out to the goddess Pandawa and shower her with honeyed compliments. Let your words flow onto paper, let your most intoxicating verses spill out, and you could see some lovely rewards come your way…

Every year on Martalo 17, all kinds of fermented drinks flow freely in the World of Twelve, especially in lands populated by Pandawas. Of course, these fun-loving warriors only do it out of a desire to commemorate a major historic event: the accession of their goddess. Because it was on Martalo 17 that Pandawa took her seat in the pantheon of the gods, formalizing her inclusion in the grand family of Krosmic divinities.

While this special day is a chance for many to enjoy the staggering effects of fermentation, for others it's a chance to write the most beautiful rhymes they can come up with.

That's why, from today until 9 AM (Paris time) on Monday, March 27, we invite you to enter our Saint Potrick's Day writing contest. Grab your favorite feather, open your pot of kralove ink, then let your creativity take care of the rest. We want you to write an ode to the goddess of drink, so put your heart and soul into it!

You then just need to post your masterpiece in this thread to share it with everyone (and in the hope of winning, of course!)

Rewards for Your Creativity!

The verse that wins over our jury of experts (connoisseurs of the written word, not of brewed beverages, naturally) will win the author a Finn Penman Shield and a Write emote!


The winner will be announced on Monday, March 27, in a comment below this post.

Good luck, everyone!