There's always a good excuse for Pandawas to exercise their drinking arm, but there are some dates when drinking water would never be acceptable to decent folk. Martalo 17, the anniversary of the goddess of drink entering the pantheon of gods, is one such date! Get ready, Saint Potrick's Day is about to start!

You should definitely take part in this great festival when all the stops are pulled out to make you forget the humdrummery of everyday life (and sometimes your name or the way back home):


Almanax for Martalo 17

Ayerish Kaffee will be ready to welcome adventurers looking for a quick drink near the Amakna Village Inn. His blessing will temporarily turn you into a Bulbanauze (the effect disappears when combat is launched) and a Barstud (bonus of 5% +10 to all resistances for 15 fights).

Happy Hour Bonus

This year, revel for a full-blown "happy weekend"! From 5 PM (Paris time) on Friday, March 17, to 9 AM (Paris time) on Monday, March 20, you can enjoy two bonuses! The first is +50% combat XP and the second is +50% to the drop rate.

Wham, Bam, Thank You Shamrock!

From now until Tuesday, March 21, if you're feeling lucky you can cross swords with some small but crafty creatures: the leprechauns! They will be all over Pandala! Find them in Akwadala, Terrdala, Feudala, Aerdala and Plantala.

If you're level 180 to 200, you have the green light to try and defeat them! If luck is on your side, you will win an exclusive shield: the Sekyoo Ratee. But be warned, you may have to work hard to get it!

Write Verse with Feeling Instead of Feeling Worse for Wear!

What if you took the opportunity of Saint Potrick's Day to pour your heart out to the goddess Pandawa? Let your words flow onto paper, let your most intoxicating verses spill out, and you could see some lovely rewards come your way…

The Saint Potrick's Day writing contest will start this Friday, and you'll have until 9 AM (Paris time) on Monday, March 27, to enter!

Enjoy the celebration!