Already a favorite with our players, the EBP will soon be seeing some new upgrades focused on improving your in-game experience.

The Elite Bonus Pack has definitely earned its name.

Always at the top, always reaching higher, and always striving to get even better!

You're already familiar with its many benefits:

  • Classic XP and drop bonuses in fights (+150%)
  • Classic XP bonus on quest XP rewards (+150%)
  • Classic XP bonus on professions (+50%)
  • Unlimited restats on characteristics (outside of fight preparation phase)
  • Unlimited restats on spells (outside of fight preparation phase)
  • Daily mission reset each day upon login
  • Access to the Premium house to get the Manitou Zoth and fight class dopples all from the same place

And as if that weren't enough, three big additions will be magically appearing in the next update:

  • Addition of a portable zaap to save you considerable time in-game.
  • Unlimited color changes for unlimited style options.
  • Removal of the floating Shop button to optimize screen space and improve your in-game experience.

And despite all these upgrades, the price of the Elite Bonus Pack isn't changing a bit! Amazing, right?

That leaves just one question: How will you know that the Elite Bonus Pack has changed? Easy! The EBP will be changing from red to blue! That way, it'll be easier to spot among the other packs in the shop.

Watch out for it in the next update!