There's a player, and then there's a Player, with a capital letter and a certain swagger. The shiver of excitement when the dice hit the table, the moment of silence before the cards are revealed, the never-ending clackety clack of the roulette wheel… Whatever gives you the most thrill, this week's special offers are perfect for showing off your passion for Playing!

Week #12 (from 9 a.m. (Paris time) on Tuesday, March 21, to 9 a.m. on Tuesday, March 28)

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This Week's Special Offers

Now that you've counted your chips and chosen your lucky number, check out this week's special offers. Place your bets!

High Roller Pack

If you're rolling in money and giggling, maybe you're a high roller! They roll out the red carpet when you arrive, you roll up your sleeves, grab a roll from your pocket, and you're ready to roll! And when you're on a roll, you're also flying high. Just remember when you're rolling in it to end on a high!

Whether you're an ardent gambler or just a bit too optimistic, the High Roller Pack is for you.

The High Roller Pack* contains:

  • High Roller Cape**
  • High Roller Headgear**
  • High Roller Shield**
  • A pet Mira**
  • A Desse petsmount**
  • High Roller Ornament


Desse petsmount
Mira pet
High Roller Set
High Roller Ornament

Bluffer Pack

Maybe you're a bluffer. Or not. Who knows? After all, no one knows what cards you're holding close to your chest, except you. You have more than one trick up your haven bag, and you know when to raise the stakes. The bluff is a game within a game of which you are the undisputed champion. Or not. But, who's willing to bet on it?

Whether you've been bamboozling everyone all along or not, the Bluffer Pack is for you.

The Bluffer Pack* contains:

  • Bluffer's Cape
  • Bluffer's Visor
  • Bluffer's Shield
  • A Louz pet**
  • A Malo petsmount**
  • Bluffer Ornament
Malo petsmount
Louz pet
Bluffer Set
Bluffer Ornament

Winner Pack

Still undecided? You don't feel you can make such a binary choice as heads or tails? We know the type: always wanting to bet that the coin will land on its edge!

The Winner Pack* was made for you. It combines the items from the High Roller Pack and Bluffer Pack and adds as a bonus:

  • An "Ecaflipus Ambassador" title
  • A "Roll a Die" emote

* All items in this pack are ceremonial items and are permanently linked to the account.
** This ceremonial item is a chameleon item.

It's not too late…

Young Celestial Gobbly

Once again this week, the Young Celestial Gobbly* – that pet fresh out of Incarnam – will be yours when you make a purchase using real money. Treat yourself to a youthful makeover with a sidekick that will remind you of your younger self (well, almost).

* This is a ceremonial pet that is linked to the account.

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