The toughest adventurers have been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to go up against the most famous of all Xelors. So, from Wednesday, April 12 to Wednesday, April 26, go settle the score with Count Harebourg. Tear that eternal glory from his icy fingers!

Count Harebourg: a name with a sinister reputation that makes adventurers of the World of Twelve – and the poor souls of Frigost Island – tremble with fear (and cold, those unlucky Frigostians). It is he who condemned his nation to an eternal winter after using the Ice Dofus to try to change the weather. Even now, this incident haunts and tortures him – so much so that despite his many companions, his heart remains colder than ancestral ice…

And it's fair to say that everyone is against the Count now! If his mother were still around, she wouldn't hesitate to say he's always been a real cold fish anyway. A chip off the cold block, by the sounds of it. If you think you've got what it takes to fight his temporal powers, then this is your chance to teach that cold codger a lesson. You might just teach a cold dog new tricks!

For this new Dungeon Rusher, from Wednesday, April 12, at 12:00 PM to Wednesday, April 26, at 12:00 PM (Paris time), you must enter the legendary Count's Dungeon and face the dreaded Xelor. Those of you who manage to defeat him will win the Trophy Shield Count Harebourg Shield* and proudly wear the title of "Count Harebourg Slayer"!

Watch out for frostbite and untimely time displacement. If you don't, you could end up being trapped by the Count… until the end of winter.

* Offer valid once per character. Monsters killed in arenas don't count. The shield will appear directly in your inventory and is linked to the character.