It's been a few weeks now since the devblog on the overhaul of stat thresholds was published. Many of you have shared you opinions on it, and after various in-house discussions, here's where we are now on the topic.

/!\ It was already mentioned in the devblog, but we think it's important to give you a reminder. It was published well in advance of the actual change so we could collect your feedback as soon as possible and move forward in the best possible way, taking into account the various feedback, as you can see with this new article.

We noticed that your feedback fell into several categories. If your question isn't categorized in this article, it means the answer and debate will be addressed in a separate workshop on the forums.

Overhaul of Critical Hits

Changing critical hits to a percentage means getting closer to DOFUS, but we don't want the game to be the same as DOFUS. So why are we doing this?

We clearly aren't moving forward with the goal of joining the DOFUS version. The transition to three-room dungeons, groups of four, class emblems, the Exaltation spell, Ascension Island, and many other things are perfect examples of this. Many features are exclusive to DOFUS Touch.

However, when one of the things we want to do is close to what has been done in DOFUS, this isn't a valid reason not to do it. Quite the opposite – it allows us to see whether people like the idea and what it becomes over time before even integrating it into the game! We don't want to stop ourselves from introducing changes that we deem relevant simply because they've already been done in DOFUS.

Some classes or close combat may benefit too greatly from this change to a percentage, such as Ecaflips' Clover spell.

This isn't impossible, which is why balancing work will have to be done to balance special cases, whether this is in terms of spells or close combat.

Why would you theoretically allow for 100% Critical Hits?

The luck factor will always exist, because 100% will actually be difficult to achieve without having to make concessions with your equipment. However, it's an interesting idea, because the classes' randomness isn't very satisfying, and it can often be frustrating, which isn't productive. Therefore, the player must be able to make sacrifices to modulate it and thereby limit the luck fact based on their own choices. The idea isn't for 100% to be too easily attainable without any concessions or for it to become standard, which is why we aren't opposed to the idea of reworking the Turquoise Dofus afterward, if the 20% it provides is too significant.

To keep discussing the topic of Critical Hits, a workshop is now available below.

Workshop: Overhaul of Critical Hits

Resistance Limitation 

We're going to lose a lot of kamas with this change.

Current sets don't naturally reach 35% in each element, so items that are smithmaged with resistances will always have a high value. What's more, the topic of new trophies is still being discussed, and we think that with their introduction, the variety of item combinations that will then be possible will allow any smithmaged item to fit in, since these trophies would be conditional on not fully equipping sets. 

Won't the gap between beginners and experienced players close?

With all the changes that are planned in the devblog – especially the importance that secondary stats will have (Lock, Dodge, Parry, etc.) – the difference between these players will now be more noticeable in their other stats. However, resistances will continue to play an important role. Actually, the 35% in each element isn't necessarily given naturally in the various equipment combinations without involving smithmagic.

Isn't it possible to apply this reduction in PvP only so as not to penalize PvM?

We don't want to separate PvP and PvM, as this would be detrimental to understanding and getting to grips with the game. We can appreciate that this change could be a problem on Ascension Island, as the concept involves scaling monsters. So, an adjustment might be made accordingly; the initial problem isn't resistances, but the damage value that some monsters can reach in this content.

To keep discussing the topic of Resistances, a workshop is now available below.

Workshop: Resistance Limitation


Several questions were asked that revolved around the topic of runes, which might get a "weight" change, meaning:

  • Pods
  • Initiative
  • AP/MP Parry
  • AP/MP Reduc.
  • Wisdom
  • Critical Hits
  • Prospecting

Changing the "weight" of the Cri Rune might make smithmagic too difficult.

It will no longer be possible to take advantage of the "weight" of 30 if a Cri Rune has a critical success, but on the other hand, it will be easier to maintain the maximum roll for your Critical Hits or even consider exceeding the maximum Critical Hit threshold of your items.

Can the "weight" of Vit Runes be changed to make it possible to invest in this characteristic once the limit has been reached?

We aren't opposed to the idea of raising the maximum Vitality threshold from 404 to 505 by changing the weight of this rune.

To discuss the pros and cons of this idea among smithmagi, a workshop is now available below.

Workshop: Change to Runes

Stat-Based Passives

This topic is probably the most complex in this devblog! A common problem with the various solutions presented is that there are always disparities between the different paths.

In our opinion, the ideal solution would be to remove the Neutral stat from the Earth path, change Healing to a percentage, and thereby remove the "secondary characteristics" principle from the various paths.

This solution was already considered, but it was ruled out because it was technically quite difficult to implement. But following the various debates on the devblog, we decided to look at this topic again in-house and delve further into it. We hope to get back to you about this very soon.

Furthermore, if we can make this idea a reality, the Wisdom stat could be linked to AP and MP Reductions and Parries.


Prospecting sets will be less optimized, so the price of the various resources will increase.

Many players feel that this change is to the detriment of most players in the community. In fact, the opposite is true, because most players will now have a higher Prospecting value.

And to be honest, we're still actively looking at different solutions that would be good for the gaming experience while regulating resource generation as much as possible.

With the change in the influence that Wisdom has on experience gained, won't it now take too long to progress?

The new way of calculating experienced gained based on the player's level was developed to tie in with a good gaming experience and progress for players.

What's more, we're planning to add a challenge to fights when you play as a group in order to encourage group play.

Finally, with the revamp of the start of the game, it is also easier for us to freely adjust how new players progress by taking these changes into account. 

Why not just remove the Wisdom stat from the game?

Wisdom carries significant weight in balancing the game's items, and unfortunately, it isn't possible to change all this retroactively right now.

Since a single character can't have more than three professions, many players have low-level characters that are used for professions. Removing pods for the Strength stat may be detrimental to those players' experience.

We are thinking about improving profession-related pods, or the actual basic formula based on the character's level. In any case, there are plans to increase the number of pods available. In addition, various changes are helping in this regard, such as the portable bank and the fact that you can move even if you have exceeded your maximum number of pods.

Are there any plans to change pets that provide Wisdom?

There are indeed plans for a change, but we can't anticipate it as things stand – at least not until we've decided on the future of the Wisdom stat!