"But… it's been a long time since Fleaster finished!" we hear you say. That's true. But somewhere in Amakna, in a sweet auntie's garden, a sought-after egg remains. It could be thanks to it that all weekend, you'll receive an in-game bonus… that's hard to swallow?

It's the same thing every year. Aunt Kitty invites all her nieces and nephews to come and celebrate Fleaster in her garden. Just image a beautiful litter of eighteen Ecaflips, of all ages and coats, frolicking on the grass, sniffing, poking around the flowerpots, in the vegetable patch, overturning leaves, climbing trees, staring at the neighbor's place, just in case…

It's Aunt Kitty's big egg hunt!

At this time of year, Kwaks lay more eggs than at any other time. For days on end, behind her apron, the Ecaflip in her forties – glasses on her nose, tongue pinched between her lips – has fun painting the shells of her personal collection with a thousand and one colors. Then, she hides them with the greatest care in her garden measuring several dozen square kameters. And she doesn't stop there…

Among the precious eggs, she always hides one that has something special – it's made of chocolate!

Every year, a different bow meow enjoys this scrumptious treat.

This time, it would be Keicha's for sure!

But was it enough for her to think about her wish really hard for it to come true?

After half an hour, it was all over!

The mischievous Ecas had turned everything upside down, filled their baskets, shared the loot, and were ready to go home after a big hug from Aunt Kitty. The only problem was that the precious chocolate egg hadn't been found! Could someone have eaten it in secret?

In any case, Keicha didn't like this one bit! She even started sulking! But she didn't admit defeat… and neither did her cousins!

For days on end, the group of felines found an excuse to drop by Aunt Kitty's house unexpectedly so they could try their luck again… Needless to say, the most determined among them was the little five-year-old feline. As the days went by and the number of hopefuls dwindled, Keicha persisted and explored the garden every single day.

One day, she watched a ladybug fly from her shoe onto a clematis. Keicha was beginning to lose all hope. That was until that moment when the ladybug flew off again to escape through an opening in Auntie Kitty's fence… and that was when she spotted it on the other side! The egg they all wanted! That had to be it!!! The egg had probably rolled into the neighbor's garden through this opening!

Keicha contained her excitement and pretended to keep looking, until one of her cousins came to say bye before leaving. But once she had gone out the front gate, Keicha stretched out her little paw, lying on the ground, toward her destiny! She was almost there…




In a cloud of pink smoke, he appeared in miniature form, floating next to Keicha's face: the Great Feline – well, great, but not big – Ecaflip in the fur!

"Keicha! How are you, my little disciple?"

"Ecaflip?!", she exclaimed, before coming to her senses. "You're not here to steal my egg, are you?!"

"Ha ha ha! Keicha! I love your temperament and eagerness! Let's just say… I'm here to offer you a deal. Do you like to play, Keicha?"

The little Ecaflip in her purple overalls stuck her tongue out as an answer and tried to catch her dream again.

"What if I told you that this egg… well, maybe it was me who misplaced it! I can't let you have it, but instead, I've got something else to offer you?"

"You're just a big liar!"

"Okay, I understand. Actually, you've got a one-in-two chance of being right. So listen, here is what I'm offering: Either you leave me this egg, which is very important to me, and I reward you in my own way, but I also reward all Twelvians by letting them enjoy Fleaster for longer; or you choose the egg, just for you, but it might not be the one you think it is… after all, this one might not really be made of chocolate."

"I've been good, and I'm the one who found it!"

"You're right again. But look – on the one hand, you'd be rewarding everyone, and one the other, you'd be rewarding only yourself. Then again… perhaps not!"

She stood up to think for a moment, before her lower lip jutted out slightly and started to quiver. Then, her eyes started shining. She turned to Ecaflip, pleadingly, with perhaps the most adorable look imaginable…

"Your technique is impressive, Keicha. But… I AM Ecaflip! I invented bluffing, after all!"

Keicha hissed with anger.

"Alright! But you're really rewarding everyone, then!"

"I promise!"

"And next year, make it so I'm the one who finds the chocolate egg!"

"I'll see what I can do…"




In a cloud of pink smoke, the floating tomcat and the egg disappeared, just as a paper message appeared in the mini-god's place, twirling and falling into the kneeling girl's lap. She unrolled the message and read:

+50% drops for everyone!

"Huh…? But I don't care about that!" she meowed… before turning around and realizing to her great surprise that the whole garden was full of colored eggs! She broke one open to make sure:

"… Chocolate! They're all made of chocolate!!! Aunt Kitty! Aunt Kitty! Let's go find my cousiiiins!!!"

You too can make the Fleaster festivities last longer this year!

From Friday, April 21 at 5:00 PM (Paris time) to Monday, April 24 at 9:00 AM (Paris time), play DOFUS Touch and get a 50% bonus on items dropped by defeated monsters!

The bonus doesn't apply to arenas and doesn't influence legendary weapon drops.

The Bonus Pack may be used in addition to this bonus.