The soundtrack to the animated series The Last Adventure of Count Lance Dur is now available on all streaming platforms! Put your player on loop and enjoy!

The animated series "The Last Adventure of Count Lance Dur" has now finished its initial run in France, and we hope it will be starting in other countries soon. Unfortunately, its availability in your country will depend on local broadcasters buying the broadcast rights.
In the meantime, though, the original Lance Dur series soundtrack has just landed on all the biggest music streaming platforms:

Discover the iconic themes of the series' key characters: Lance Dur, of course, but also Cire Momore and Belladonna!

"The Lance Dur soundtrack incorporates two very different musical styles: orchestral and electronic," explains composer Pierre-Jean Beaudoin. "The old knights' journey is expressed early on in the orchestral portion. Then, as the adventure progresses and we get closer to Cire Momore, the music takes on a more synthetic tone, reflecting the nefarious side of our dark antagonist."

Certain parts of the soundtrack were performed by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and conductor François Rousselot, whom you may have already heard interpreting other Ankama classics in the last KrosmoNote.

So fire up your favorite streaming platform and dive into the world of Lance Dur!