You probably recognized the skills of Rogues, Foggernauts, Ecaflips and Pandawas right away in the headline. But why bring them all together like this? Simple: they're this week's special offers in the shop!

Week #18 (Tuesday, May 2 at 9 a.m. Paris time to Tuesday, May 9 at 9 a.m.)

As you may have noticed, the shop now offers regular deals, which are featured on the main page. To make sure you never miss them, check in every day at 2 p.m. Paris time!

This Week's Special Offers

Like a coordinated assault with a Foggernaut creating a smokescreen while the Rogue lights the wick to a bomb and the Pandawa sends it across the battlefield with a tipsy toss, where it lands right next to the enemy thanks to the Ecaflip's luck – you didn't see these 4 new class packs coming until they were about to blow up in your face!

Rogue Pack

This pack is the bomb! It's got everything you need to become the perfect Rogue.

It contains:

  • Rogue Headgear
  • Rogue Cape
  • Rogue Shield
  • Roguscot

Foggernaut Pack

If you're a Foggernaut fan, you may want to sit down – this amazing pack is enough to give you the vapors.

It contains:

  • Foggernaut Headgear
  • Foggernaut Cloak
  • Foggernaut Shield
  • Foggerscot


Pandawa Pack

No one can live on bread alone. But as a Pandawa, bamboo milk covers most of your remaining needs. This pack contains:

  • Pandawa Headgear
  • Pandawa Cape
  • Pandawa Shield
  • Pandascot

Ecaflip Pack

To become a fantastically fortunate feline, you could wait for Lady Luck to smile upon you. Or just pick up this pack, which contains:

  • Ecaflip Headgear (chameleon)
  • Ecaflip Cape (chameleon)
  • Ecaflip Shield (chameleon)
  • Ecascot (chameleon)

These packs contain ceremonial items and ceremonial pets that are linked to the account.
Equip the items in a ceremonial slot to use their appearance.

These 4 new packs complement the range of existing class packs already available in the shop. They will all remain permanently available in the shop. So all you have to do is pick your favorite!

It's not too late…



Right now, all you need to do to get the rebellious Geckymosis pet walking by your side is make a purchase in real currency. After that, it'll jump right in to start handing out beat-downs and strengthening your street cred.

This is a ceremonial pet that is linked to the account.

Tokagecko Packs

To move like a ghost and leave an aura of mystery everywhere you go, get one of the Tokagecko Packs: the threefold proof that martial arts really do level up your charisma!

This is a ceremonial set. Equip the items in a ceremonial slot to use their appearance. The set and the petsmount are chameleon. These items are linked to the account.

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