There are lots of announcements in this article, but most of all, it's the perfect moment to watch Ankama's monumental new trailer and the chance to add the new tactical RPG to your Steam wishlist…

Although we are used to creating ambitious trailers for our audiovisual productions, the last big one for our video games was probably back in 2012 for the release of the WAKFU MMORPG. This is a clue to the importance and special attention we're giving to our next online roleplaying game: WAVEN.

Without further ado, let's unveil its first big official trailer!

WAVEN is a new roleplaying game experience that is simple, fun and immersive. It combines adventure and turn-based strategy, inspired by digital card games.


Prepare your deck – spells, weapons and companions – before setting sail for an incredible odyssey. Sail from island to island in a vast world, taking on a great many dungeons to defeat creatures and their bosses, alone or with friends.

Gain experience and level up your character and your strategy in this free-to-play tactical multiplayer RPG with a unique graphic design.

At the outset, choose your character, your style and your powers. Then, encounter after encounter, fight after fight, gradually turn them into a legend.
"This is a really ambitious project that we believe in immensely. We can't wait to present WAVEN to as many people as possible in its best version yet. Everyone at the studio put so much work into making this game a unique experience, and we're really proud of the result." Anthony Roux, also known as ToT, creative director and CEO of Ankama


You'll get early access to WAVEN this summer to try out one last version of the game and give your final feedback before the worldwide release in late 2023. The game will be co-published by Ankama and New Tales.

A Cross-Platform Adventure

One of the unique things about Ankama's upcoming game is its cross-platform aspect – you'll be able to continue your adventure wherever you are, with the same account on PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets.

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The launch of the third opus of Ankama's saga, which started out with DOFUS and WAKFU, is the perfect occasion to inaugurate a new era and a new logo for Ankama Games. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor – the Ankama Animations logo, which dates back to the release of the movie DOFUS – Book I: Julith – the video games subsidiary wants to be even more consistent with its story and that of the precious dragon eggs, the Dofus.

2023 is far from over, and it is already shaping up to be the year of renewal for Ankama. We hope you'll sail with us, whatever the adventure…