The beta for the next DOFUS Touch update is now available in-game! After all the teasing on Twitch streams and our social media, it's time to see what's in there!

A new version of DOFUS Touch is available in beta mode!

Update 1.59 offers a tempting selection of features:

  • Revamped critical hit system
  • Class balancing
  • Updated legendary weapons
  • New trophies
  • And many more surprises to discover!

To find out more about using the beta and to learn how and where to report issues, please refer to this article.

Here is the full changelog of changes made:

Changing the Critical Hit System

There have been limitations to the way critical hit rate is calculated, which is why we decided to go with, as some have experienced in DOFUS, a percentage-based system. This is intended to:

  • Offer a system that's clearer and easier to use
  • Lead to an overall increase in critical hit rates, or make it possible to intentionally limit them
  • Make it possible to go beyond the 50% chance to crit, thereby allowing characters to specialize in this stat
  • Allow for builds focusing on critical hit rate to be more varied and viable, without necessarily maximizing their potential

Adjustment of Base Critical Hit Rates

The base critical hit rate is the probability that a spell (or weapon) will deal a critical hit, not taking into account any bonuses from equipment or spells.

All base critical hit rates on spells and weapons are being adjusted. There is a correlation between the old and new rates, with some degree of consistency: the higher the critical hit rate was before, the higher the new one will be. To calculate the new base critical rate using the old one, this formula is applied:

New rate = 55 – 1/(old rate)

So, a previous rate of 1/50 (2%) would become:

55 – 1/(1/50) = a new rate of 5%

Below is a table showing the correlation between a few old and new base critical rates:

Old rate

Old rate (%)

New rate
















These base rates are being increased overall in order to make critical hits more accessible to builds that are not focused on critical hits, and to reduce the dependency of critical-centric builds on critical hit bonuses from equipment.

Changing the Critical Hit Bonus Effect

The effect of the critical hit bonus on spells and equipment will be modified: a +1 to Critical Hit will now give an extra 1% chance to crit (land a critical hit). For example, if a spell has a base 5% chance to crit, a +10 CH bonus will give this same spell a 15% chance to crit. (That's base 5 + 10 bonus.)

However, there won't be a notable difference with equipment: a bonus of +X to CH will be a X% bonus to CH rate.

This additive formula will allow for a system of diminishing returns instead of increasing returns; the initial critical hit bonuses given to a character have proportionally more impact than the last bonuses added.

Removing the Maximum Critical Hit Chance

Previously it was impossible to have higher than a 50% chance of dealing a critical hit. After this update, it will be possible for the critical hit chance to exceed 50%, and even go up to a 100% chance, as long as the cumulative CH bonuses from equipment and spells allow it.

However, it won't be possible to bring someone's critical hit chance below 1% if the spell or weapon can deal a critical hit.

NB: The effect that minimizes random effects (as with the Sram's Jinx spell) is not subject to this restriction; it still prevents an entity from dealing critical hits.

This change will allow for much more variety among builds that are specialized for critical hit rate; so you'll be able to shift to builds with a stronger focus on CH.

With the updated critical hit system, Agility will no longer increase the probability of getting a critical hit.

A sound and animation will now play when a critical hit lands.

Changing Resistances (%)

There are currently two types of resistance:

  • Fixed resistances: these grossly reduce damage received and can be gained in unlimited amounts.
  • % resistances reduce a percentage of damage received. These are currently limited to a max of 50% per stat (for example, it is possible to gain 60% air resistance from equipment, but the actual value will be 50%).

We'd like to reduce the cap on % resistances from 50 to 35%. While resistances are useful for absorbing some damage, these stats tend to draw out combat pretty excessively. Also, they drastically limit the variety of so-called optimized equipment, mainly at higher levels, at which point maximizing resistances is practically required.

We think that lowering this cap will add significant variety to gameplay and the selection of equipment, but without putting PvM players at a disadvantage, as classes will have generally gained more power and survival capacity over the course of these updates.

As for the few sets that have granted over 35% resistance in an element with the full set equipped, they have been updated to no longer exceed this threshold.

The critical hit rate of certain weapons has been adjusted to be more consistent with the new percentage-based system.

Movement Preview

Spells that produce movement (teleportation, pushback, switches places, etc.) now have a preview.

The preview is currently calculated according to the effects of the cast spell and does not take into account external effects (such as trap networks). It is planned to take them into account in a future update.

New Trophies

New trophies have been added to the game and are available from the NPC in the beta located at [-2,0]. These can only be equipped when less than two set bonuses are active on the character.

After working to upgrade old sets and items for several years, we believe that adding these new trophies will diversify equipment ensembles at all levels in a relevant way.

Change to Legendary Weapons

Legendary weapons, a system added in June of 2022, are ceremonial weapons that provide bonuses to characters when carried. The product of a discussion held over several years in the Workshop of the DOFUS Touch forum, this system was intended to add extremely rare new weapons that are hard to obtain. This would therefore provide high-level players with long-term goals, as well as add new items with very low drop rates other than the Dofus, which tend to be obtainable through quests.

While these particular goals have been met and we're more than satisfied with the outcome, many of you have questioned the system for obtaining these weapons, deeming it too difficult. Many ideas on how to change this system have been put forward.

We've decided against a "pity" system (where you're guaranteed to get the weapon after a certain number of tries), because then obtaining these weapons would become a hunting quest without any meaning or prestige for those who end up getting them. We therefore prefer to keep them difficult to obtain, a defining feature of this system when it was introduced.

We opted to make legendary weapons exchangeable, thus making it possible to trade these weapons. We think the joy and satisfaction of getting a weapon will approach the experience of getting a Dofus. Whether or not it's directly useful to the character, a legendary weapon will always represent a major success for anyone who obtains one, at the very least for the potential financial gain.

The system has also undergone a few changes to align with this new direction.

  • Legendary weapons are no longer linked to the account.
  • Challenges now affect the chance of getting a legendary weapon from monsters.
  • The nickname of the player who collected a legendary weapon from mobs is now shown in the weapon's description.
  • From now on, to equip a legendary weapon, you need to have completed the achievements required by the quest for getting the weapon.
  • The tutorial quest for grinding legendary weapons has been modified so that each player at level 180 or higher with an awakened weapon can start it.
  • The tutorial quest for awakening legendary weapons has been modified so that each player at level 180 or higher with a dormant weapon can start it.
  • The amount of elemental artifacts obtained from fragmenting has been increased for awakened weapons (150 -> 700 in the corresponding element), as well as for dormant weapons (20 -> 180) in each element.
  • The category "Legendary Weapon" has been added in the marketplace.
  • When the update is released, a unique title will be awarded to any player who got a legendary weapon before the update.

/!\  The name of the original holder as well as the removal of link effects will not be available at the start of the beta.

Audio Revamp

Since DOFUS Touch launched, many audio elements had been missing or were unoptimized. We wanted to spend time on this area, a crucial aspect of any video game, both for immersion and "user feedback".
  • Management of monsters' and characters' distance on the map
  • Addition of spatialization
  • Character sound effects
  • Monster sound effects
  • Emote sound effects
  • Sound effects for certain interfaces
  • Revamped music

Want more behind-the-scenes info on the Ankama sound team? Watch this recorded Twitch livestream from a few weeks ago!

New Evolution Packs

New evolution packs are being introduced! These unlock after a certain amount of time has passed in the game, and once the character reaches levels 100, 150, and 200.

Evolupacks DOFUS Touch


  • A smithmagic rune's weight is now shown in the item's effects.
  • The issue of dialogue bubbles not disappearing has been fixed.
  • Using the dragoturkey sorting interface in paddocks with 2,000 or more mounts no longer causes the app to crash.


  • Compasses have been added for various quests in the game.


  • Killing a perceptor or prism no longer ends combat.
  • The weight of the Vit, Pa Vit, Ra Vit, and Cri runes, as well as of the hunting rune, has been modified.
  • The bonus granted by all Vitality runes has been increased.
  • Some low-level item recipes have been updated to better distribute the use of resources in this level group.
  • A number of latency issues related to using spells during combat has been fixed.
  • The option to show all monsters in a group is now turned off by default.
  • Fighting challenges that require you to cast summoning skills whenever they're available no longer fail if the player doesn't have enough summons to use the skill. The "Beaconing" challenge is not affected by this change, and its description has been updated.
  • The resources previously from Nolifis Island that were removed from monster loot have now been entirely removed from the game.
  • A new cosmetic set has been added to the Ascension Island rewards, available at [-73,-17] in the room on the right.
  • Two new pages have been added to the in-game encyclopedia. The first one lists and explains the primary states that can be applied during combat. The second one lists the other terms used during combat that weren't already explained elsewhere in the game.
  • Several texts in the encyclopedia have been tweaked as a result of changes made in this update.
  • It's now possible to get a Quaquack Ghost when this creature dies, and to revive it by talking to an NPC.
  • Resolved the issue where the Mounded Ghard would give the wrong number of scrolls when a mount certificate was exchanged.
  • Multiple texts have been corrected.

Class Balancing



Cursed Mark:

  • The Cursed Mark effect triggered by an Earth attack has been removed. From now on, the Cursed Mark can only be activated by the elements Water, Air, and Fire.



  • The Bribery state has been replaced by the following states:
    • Pacifist: cancels damage inflicted by target in this state.
    • Weakened: target can no longer use weapons.


  • The spell can now only be cast in a straight line or diagonally.



  • The spell no longer reveals invisible entities.



  • Casting the spell on an allied Sram or yourself now increases the spell's cooldown period by 1.


  • The double is now controllable, but it disappears after 3 turns.
  • The cooldown has decreased by 1 at all spell levels: 11/10/9/8/7/6 -> 10/9/8/7/6/5.


Ecaflips have been modified so that their spells are more consistent with the new percentage-based critical hit system. Ecaflips now have bonus effects on almost all of their spells. These effects differ based on whether the spell gets a critical hit. And so, even when unlucky, the Ecaflip will always be the luckiest.

We hope that with these additions, along with the ability to manipulate luck using the Clover spell, Ecaflip players will be free to specialize in critical hit rate or the lack thereof, to adjust to the needs of combat as they face them.

Points will be refunded for all 20 of the Ecaflip's base spells.

Heads or Tails - Level 1

Inflicts Earth damage on enemies and heals the (allied or enemy) target for a few HP.

Additional effect:

  • On a standard cast: healing is applied to allies as a percentage of HP.
  • On a critical hit: the spell also applies a Dodge penalty to the opponent.

Feline Leap - Level 1

Gives the target 1 MP for 1 turn and gives them a Dodge bonus.

Topkaj - Level 1

Steals Water health.

Additional effect:

  • On a standard cast: reduces the target's critical hit rate.
  • On a critical hit: increases the base damage of the Topkaj spell the next time it is cast.

Perception - Level 3

Shows the position of invisible targets and traps in the area of effect.

Additional effects:

  • On a standard cast: heals allies for a percentage of their HP based on the number of enemies in the area of effect.
  • On a critical hit: increases allies' Power based on the number of those allies in the area of effect.

Feline Spirit - Level 6

Inflicts Air damage and teleports the caster symmetrically relative to the target's position.

Additional effects:

  • On a standard cast: also applies a Dodge bonus on the caster for the current turn.
  • On a critical hit: the spell's damage is greater and has a fixed value.

The spell must be cast on an occupied cell.

Summoning Claw - Level 9

Summons a controllable Kitten that heals allies and inflicts damage on enemies.

Kraps - Level 13

Inflicts Water damage in an area of effect and repels targets.

Additional effects:

  • On a standard cast: applies a pushback resistance penalty on enemies in the area of effect.
  • On a critical hit: increases pushback damage for each enemy in the area of effect.

Bluff - Level 17

Inflicts Air damage and reduces the target's Lock.

Additional effects:

  • On a standard cast: the Lock penalty is greater.
  • On a critical hit: the spell's damage is greater and has a fixed value.

Ecaflip's Luck - Level 21

Reduces damage inflicted by the targeted enemy, but increases it on the following turn.

On an ally, damage inflicted is increased on the first turn, but reduced on the following turn.

The effects will be triggered on the next turn when the spell targets the caster.

Playful Claw - Level 26

Inflicts Earth damage on several cells along a straight line.

Additional effects:

  • On a standard cast: the caster gains 1 AP each time one of the targets lands a critical hit on its next turn. This effect stacks up to 3 times.
  • On a critical hit: targets that land critical hits on their next turn lose AP. This effect stacks up to 3 times.

Roulette - Level 31

Casts a random effect on the caster, allies, and enemies.

The caster has a 50% chance of recovering the spell's AP cost.

Rough Tongue - Level 36

Reduces enemies' Range and inflicts Water damage on them in an area of effect. Increases their Range on the following turn.

On allies: increases their Range but reduces it on the following turn.

Additional effects:

  • On a standard cast: the caster gains 1 Range for each enemy hit. This effect stacks up to 3 times.
  • On a critical hit: the Range bonus is never applied to enemies, and the Range penalty is never applied to allies.

Smell - Level 42

Grants MP but removes AP in an area of effect on the current turn. The next turn, it grants AP but removes MP.

The spell's AP cost is reimbursed to the Ecaflip.

Reflex - Level 48

Inflicts Earth damage in an area of effect and applies an unhealable HP penalty.

Additional effects:

  • On a standard cast: the unhealable HP penalty is extended by 1 turn.
  • On a critical hit: the spell's damage is greater and has a fixed value.

Clover - Level 54

Reduces the enemy player's odds of landing a critical hit and then increases them on the next turn.

On an allied player: increases the odds of landing a critical hit and then reduces them on the next turn.

The spell is triggered with a 1-turn delay when the caster is the target.

Tenderness - Level 60

Inflicts Air damage and moves the caster closer to the target. Gives the caster a Lock bonus.

Additional effects:

  • On a standard cast: the Lock bonus is greater.
  • On a critical hit: the spell's damage is greater and has a fixed value.

Felintion - Level 70

Steals HP in the Water element and repels enemies. Heals and repels allies.

Additional effects:

  • On a standard cast: increases the number of casts per target by 1.
  • On a critical hit: increases the number of casts per turn by 1.

Claw of Ceangal - Level 80

Inflicts Earth damage.

Additional effects:

  • On a standard cast: if the spell's target is an ally, it may also gain AP if it is healed this turn. This effect stacks up to 2 times.
  • On a critical hit: if the spell's target is an enemy, it may also lose AP if it is healed this turn. This effect stacks up to 2 times.

Fate of Ecaflip - Level 90

Inflicts Air damage, attracts and then repels the target.

Additional effects:

  • On a standard cast: if the target suffers pushback damage in the same turn, the caster gains 1 MP.
  • On a critical hit: if the target suffers pushback damage in the same turn, it suffers an MP penalty.

Rekop - Level 100

Inflicts damage in the caster's best element.

The spell takes effect randomly in 1, 2, or 3 turns.

The later the damage is applied, the more significant it will be.