The Krosmic calendar is overflowing with important events. Some of them are rather comical, often bordering on the ridiculous. The Taking of the Pastille is one such occasion and proof that anything can be a pretext for a party. And an excuse to give you in-game bonuses!

The Taking of the Pastille is a holiday celebrated by both the opponents and proponents of King Allister's monarchy. Long ago, the king nearly died from a horrible sore throat. Or more exactly, from a mint sweety that was supposed to cure that very same sore throat…

Even today, Allister's detractors bitterly regret that he recovered and pray for bad luck to strike again. On Jullier 14 every year, they fill the streets to shout their opposition to the powers that be. His faithful followers, however, never forget to honor this same day – making it a true celebration of life in which they overflow with gratitude to the gods whom they believe saved their king. 

Every time, these two sides clash… No matter which side you're on, set aside the strife! Once again this year, we've got something that everyone can agree on:

XP & Drop Bonus

From 6 PM (Paris time) on Friday, July 14, until 11:59 PM (Paris time) on Sunday, July 16, enjoy a +25% XP and drop bonus!

It can be combined with a Bonus Pack, doesn't apply to professions and legendary weapons, and doesn't work for arena fights.

Cosmetic sets are back

And that's not all! To celebrate the Taking of the Pastille, the XIV Ceremonial Set and Emperor Ceremonial Set will be back for a limited time in the online shop at a bargain price. Take advantage of their return from 2 PM (Paris time) on Thursday, July 13, until 11:59 PM (Paris time) on Sunday, July 16.

Emperor Ceremonial Set
XIV Ceremonial Set

Gift Code

The king's strongest opponents are difficult to appease… Thus, he's decided to offer all Twelvians a little something to buy them off and subdue them.

Until 11:59 PM (Paris time) on Sunday, July 16, use the code PASTILLE2023 via the button below to unlock an in-game gift!

Use your gift code!

Just a little something to calm the strife… At least for now!