Is your neighbor acting all boorish? Are your kids spending all day saying things they probably shouldn't? Has your other half stopped brushing their teeth? Don't hold it against them, as they're just continuing the tradition! It will soon be time for Me Hearty Party again in the World of Twelve. You might as well get on board too!

La Fête du Ripate revient !
As always this time of year, pirates are making waves and the Greedo rum is flowing! The Me Hearty Party returns to the World of Twelve.

Cannonballs Ahoy

From now until maintenance on Tuesday, September 26, head to the western coast of Cania [-31, -20] to face off against Gourlo the Terrible, LeChouque, and Buck Anear in a single fight!

Winners will receive:

  • Boo Caneer Shield (a character-linked ceremonial shield)
  • Pirate Captain's Hat
  • Pirate Captain's Cloak
Once all three items have been equipped, you will unlock the title "Picaroon-y-toon".

You'll also have a chance of getting, with a little luck, Ol' John's Troma from these three troublemakers. Once equipped, and only until October 31, it will allow you to:

  • Unlock two emotes
  • Unlock a title
  • Change some of your character's dialogue

Cannonballs away, me hearties!