It's at the heart of DOFUS Touch Update 1.60. It's the prime target of "Group Attack". And best of all, it's a feature you've all been eagerly waiting for! The improved group search is here. So, should we talk about it?

You sometimes find it hard to form a group before setting off to take on a dungeon. That's why the group search feature has become a priority over the years!

To find out more about the current obstacles and the solutions provided by this update, there's only one thing to do – watch the next livestream!

Join [Yawn] and [Wyze]
on Thursday, August 3, at 4 p.m. (Paris time) on Ankama Live.

Ankama Live

This livestream will be available in multiple languages at the same time:

  • Fer Touch, along with a few of your favorite content creators, will welcome [Kazil] in the Spanish version.
  • Challenger-Ex together with Risen will present the update to you in English.

Spanish English

Enjoy the livestream!