Goultines are back in this 25th rotation of Ascension Island. Climb the ranks to claim them! See what's new in this latest edition!

Got any plans today? Like, say… achieving glory and being showered with gifts? That's exactly what Ascension Island has in store! Form a team of three and set out for adventure! Climb as many floors as you can to unlock rewards. The types of rewards will vary depending on your place in the ranking at the end of the rotation.

Pets, equipment, the Dofushu, iridescent orbs, and cosmetic items – you might even unlock them all! And if you make it to the interserver top 3 podium, you'll win the Shushield ceremonial shield!

Quests for the Orado zone start at [-33,-11], and the entrance to the Ascension Island dungeon can be found at [-73,-17].

For more information, read the devblog on this topic.

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Even More Goultines!

The Ascension Island goultines edition is back! In this rotation, we've increased the amount of goultines awarded to those who reach the Top 100! The extra goultines should sway anyone who's on the fence!

See for yourself:



Did You Know?

  • Losing isn't winning (no surprise there). But even the best of us lose sometimes. If you are unsuccessful in your ascent, you can always retry without it affecting your progress. All you have to do is fork over 200 goultines.
  • When calculating the score at the end of a fight, it doesn't matter if an ally is killed and then resummoned – they still count as dead in the final score. Well, that's life! Or… death, actually.
  • Some bosses like to look down on their opponents, like Count Harebourg and others of his stature. They won't appear below floor 40, no matter the rotation. What did you expect? You've got to earn the right to take on a beast of that size!

Alright, now you should know enough about Ascension Island to get started on your adventure! You have until maintenance on Tuesday, 24 October to reach the top.

Good luck, everyone!