Don't look a gift mount in the mouth! Among this week's items and special offers, a new dragoturkey will definitely help you to stay on the right track! As long as you don't get tempted by a few detours to knock back a Greedo Rum or two in bad company…

Week #38 (from Tuesday, September 19 at 9 a.m. to Tuesday, September 26 at 9 a.m. Paris time)

Every day, the shop has special offers at 20% off. To make sure you never miss them, check the homepage every day at 2 p.m. Paris time!

This Week's Special Offers

New dragoturkey armor!

The Armouralive Dragoturkey (chameleon), which grants 200 Vitality and 40 Critical Resistance, offers significant protection from blows and also from cussing, which is often heard (and is usually more hurtful) from the many pirates loitering around during the Me Hearty Party period. The "bilge rat!" and "land grawn!" insults will simply bounce off the intended recipient with just a simple response: unyielding indifference…

Buccaneer Pack

This week, the "Coasters" are taking over the World of Twelve! Why not join them? But before you do that, you should grab something to help you blend in if you don't want to end up strung up high and short (by the feet and over a pack of crabs! By the Twelve, can you imagine?!). The Buccaneer Pack contains:

  • A Pirate Set: Pirate Tricorne (headgear), Pirate Coat (cape), Pirate Shield (shield)
  • A Hikups pet
  • A makeover pack (face change + color change)

All items in the pack are linked to the account. The items in the set and the pet are chameleon.

It's not too late…


Don't be intimidated by its lousy pig-like nature. All it takes is a few Twelvian sacrifices to get the upper hand. Now, the brand-new Petztek is free with any purchase using real currency.

It is a chameleon ceremonial pet linked to the account.

As the pirate saying goes: AAAARGH!