The beta for the next DOFUS Touch update is now available in-game! After all the teasing on Twitch streams and our social media, it's time to see what's in there!

A new version of DOFUS Touch is available in beta mode!

Update 1.61 offers a tempting selection of features:

  • Xelor revamp
  • Kolossium 1v1
  • and many more surprises to discover!

To find out more about using the beta and to learn how and where to report issues, please refer to this article.

Here's the full changelog with the changes in this update:


1v1 Mode

  • The 1v1 Kolossium arrives in DOFUS Touch! Use the Kolossium interface, now fully revamped, to access this new game mode.
  • With faster, less balanced battles, this mode doesn't offer as many rewards as 3v3 mode.
  • You can search for a 1v1 and a 3v3 match at the same time (also while using the dungeon search for dungeons).


  • The base rewards in Kolossokens, kamas, and experience points have been reduced.
  • From one week to the next, the rewards earned from Kolossium battles will be doubled in 1v1 mode, and then in 3v3 (Kolossokens, kamas, and XP). A visual indicator is available in the Kolossium interface.
  • New rewards connected to the Kolossium have been added to the NPC Glad Yator:
    • Godron pets
    • 5 new ceremonial sets


Since we can't rework the rating system at this time, changes have been made to Kolossium matchmaking.

Some of these rules will undergo a "relaxation". That is, the rules are relaxed if it's taking the player too long to find a match.

3v3 Mode

  • There is a maximum of 20 levels difference between the lowest-level and highest-level character in a match. This difference is calculated from the six players in the two teams. Relaxation: no
  • We try to match players with similar ratings. Relaxation: yes
  • Class duplicates are prohibited within a single team, whether formed through matchmaking or at players' initiative. Relaxation: no
  • The system won't match a player with a team if the player is on the enemy or ignored list of one of the team members. Relaxation: yes

1v1 Mode

  • There is a maximum of 10 levels difference between the two players. Relaxation: no
  • We try to match players with similar ratings. Relaxation: yes
  • We try to avoid mirror matches: ones that pit characters of the same class against each other. Relaxation: yes
  • We try to avoid having two matches in a row against the same race. Relaxation: yes
  • We try not to match up two players that just fought. Relaxation: no

For both game modes and insofar as possible, the system will avoid having consecutive battles on the same map.

Rankings accessible in-game

Rankings will be available directly in the game, both for 1v1 and 3v3 Kolossium matches. New rewards related to them have been added! Discover more in this devblog.


  • Only the 9 maps from the game's tournament zone (Hall of the Valiant) will now be used for the Kolossium. We plan to eventually add new maps with starting positions specific to each game mode.
  • Added a window presenting the Kolossium when the character hits level 50.
  • In order to avoid ties in the rankings, we will now use decimals to break ties between players. Naturally, you won't see this on the rankings interface, but you'll be able to view it in detail by tapping and holding on the rating.
  • Kolossokens and kamas obtained after a victory in the Kolossium will now take a character's level into account.

Xelor Class Revamp

The Xelor class has been completely revamped! To learn more, check out the devblog.

Updated Power characteristic

The Power characteristic has been reverted to 1 Power = 1 elemental characteristic (instead of 0.8).


The following set bonuses have been updated:
  • Fugitive Set
  • Treadfast Set
  • Father Whupper Set
  • Sucker Set
  • Sleet Set
  • Ogivol Set
  • Kwismas Nightmare Set
  • Daggero's Set


  • The login page and interfaces for character and server selection has been completely revamped.
  • In the professions interface, there is a new button that lets you locate resources for harvesting on the world map.
  • Added a visual alert to coordinates on the map if the zone's level is too high for the player.
  • When you touch a group of monsters, there will now be a button to close the window for the group.
  • The ping system can now give information about spells, AP, and MP.
  • A spell's target is now shown in the combat chat, and you can touch the target's name to highlight the target.
  • A new help page related to the group search feature for dungeons has been added to the in-game encyclopedia.
  • Fixed the display of shields' min-max stats.
  • The Duo and Chrono boss challenges are now marked as failed when this is the case during combat.
  • The description of the Static challenge correctly states that a movement attempt, even if unsuccessful, will make the challenge fail.
  • In the Ascension Island interface, the start date for the next rotation and the end date of the current rotation are now shown.
  • The food needed for soul-eater pets and petsmounts has been added to their description.
  • Text searches now require a minimum of 2 letters instead of 3 letters.
  • Pressing the Enter key on the phone keyboard will now confirm a recipe search.
  • The Alliance vs Alliance interface located at the top of the screen during a King of the Hill phase no longer blocks normally available interactions.
  • Added the name of the guild of the perceptor under attack to the warning message in the chat when the perceptor is being attacked or killed or has survived.


  • A new type of experience scroll for Dopples has been added to the Temple Merchant NPC. This scroll allows players who already have a level 200 character on the server to earn a huge amount of experience. This scroll is sold for 12,000 Doploons, with no condition of sale or link to the account.
  • It is now possible to ask to switch places with an ally during the preparation phase of a fight.
  • Added an icon above wanted monsters (if the related quest is active) and bosses, as was already the case for archmonsters in a different color.
  • A new option lets you disable daily notifications from the Almanax, available in "Other options".
  • It is now possible to block 100% of your XP from going to the guild.
  • When a player is locked, they can no longer get to a cell out of reach by quickly clicking on the old movement preview.
  • The Celestial Piwi can no longer unusually perform up to 4 attacks in a single turn.
  • Fixed a conflict between the display of the queue for resources and the highlighting of interactive elements.
  • Tweaked the positioning on characters and the colors of multiple cosmetic items.
  • Fixed the color of the Sacrier class hood that wasn't properly taking on the character's colors.
  • Fixed the female Osamodas's missing tail.
  • Corrected various in-game texts.

Class Balancing


Feca Shield

  • The spell's cooldown has increased: 4 → 5



  • The AP reduction effect has been replaced with a Critical penalty applied to the target.
  • The spell's damage has increased slightly.
  • The spell's critical hit rate has increased.



  • When the spell hits a target that is already affected by the Perception spell, the previous effects are removed before the new effects are applied.
  • The Power bonus received systematically by the caster has been reduced at all spell levels:
    • 80 → 60
    • 100 → 70
    • 120 → 90
    • 140 → 100
    • 160 → 120
    • 200 → 150


Bow Skill

  • The spell can no longer inflict a critical hit.
  • The duration of the spell's effects has decreased: 3 turns → 2 turns
  • The spell's AP cost has decreased: 3 AP → 2 AP
  • The spell's range bonus has decreased at all levels. New values: 1/1/2/2/3/3
  • The bonus to critical hit rate has decreased at all levels. New values: 5/6/7/8/9/10
  • The Power bonus on the caster has changed at all levels. New values: 60/100/120/140/160/200
  • The Power bonus on allies has changed at all levels. New values: 30/50/60/70/80/100


Dollish Acceleration

  • The MP gain at spell level 6 has decreased: 3 MP → 2 MP



  • The spell's area of effect has changed: 2-cell circle → 1-cell square


Spirit Bond

  • The spell now has a starting cooldown of 1 turn.



  • The damage dealt when the spell lands a critical hit has slightly decreased at all levels.


  • The Tacturret's special can no longer be used to switch places with targets that are Rooted, Unmovable, or in the Gravity state.



  • The straight-line casting restriction has been removed.

Shovel of Judgment

  • The spell's AP cost has decreased: 4 → 3
  • The spell's damage has decreased slightly at all levels.
  • The spell's possible damage is now less random.

Weakening Shovel

  • The spell's damage has increased slightly at all levels.

Pull Out

  • The spell's effects have been changed:
    • Applies an MP Parry penalty to all entities.
    • Applies a 10 MP reduction to all entities. This penalty can be parried but not unbewitched.
    • Applies the Gravity state to all entities.
    • The caster suffers the effects on future turns, then receives a 50 MP reduction penalty for 1 turn.