Ankama Games and Doryah Games have come together for the first time and the result is nothing short of fun-tastic! Introducing Krosfighter, the party shooter that promises to deliver more wild fun than you know what to do with!

How would you like to see the Visitor from the Future, Sherlock, Seth and even Yugo all together in the same game? That's exactly the crazy fun you'll see in Krosfighter! Initiated by Doryah Games and designed in collaboration with Ankama Games, this game – unique in Ankama's history – blurs the borders between the universe of DOFUS, WAKFU and WAVEN and those of Ankama Éditions.

Play as legendary heroes from the greatest made-in-Ankama creations and have them fight each other in a game combining fast action, fighting and fun! You don't need to be an experienced player! Newbies and experts alike can take part in the battles between emblematic characters with diverse looks and styles thanks to game mechanics designed for everyone!

Psst… There are even rumors that the gods have joined the party…

You'll have to wait a little while – until the start of 2024 – to give this new experience a go!

Until then, check out the Krosfighter trailer!