The next rotation of Ascension Island begins tomorrow. To help you prepare, we interviewed the winners of the last rotation, players from the Brutas server, Bexerro, Znup and Maestroborrachon.

What was your secret to winning this rotation? Particularly for Bexerro, who has just won two rotations in a row!

Bexerro: A lot of perseverance and game analysis.

Maestroborrachon: The secret is to fight and persevere until you find a strategy to achieve your goal.

Znup: Actually, it was my first rotation, but my teammates had won some before. I had a lot of help from them.

What are your thoughts on this rotation of Ascension Island? What was the hardest part?

Bexerro: I liked the fact that the Goultines boost was present in this rotation. That motivates the players a lot more to obtain a better score, and the hardest part was without a doubt Klime.

Maestroborrachon: I thought it was an excellent rotation because it had many dungeon bosses and complicated challenges. The hardest part in this rotation was undoubtedly the Klime and Count Harebourg rooms.

Znup: I think I agree with my friends when I say the hardest part was Klime.

If you had to complete an ascension without changing class, what would the ideal team be for you? Why?

Bexerro: To finish the rotation without changing class, I think I would choose the classic Masqueraider, Enutrof, Iop team.

Maestroborrachon: Sram-Feca-Rogue to scale the whole ascension, but my preferred team is Pandawa-Masqueraider-Rogue.

Znup: Cra, Masqueraider, Pandawa!

Tomorrow an important rotation begins in ascension history, since there will be an exclusive reward. Are you planning on taking part?

Bexerro: Honestly, after two rotations in a row, I wasn't planning on continuing to try and win another ascension, but the exclusive "Kwismas Shushield" reward has changed my mind, so I'm going to take part.

Maestroborrachon: I hope so. I would love to take part, but I still don't know if I'll have the time to do it.

Znup: Of course!

What advice would you give to players who want to go for an Ascension?

Bexerro: Don't be afraid to die because defeat is how you learn.

Maestroborrachon: Be organized before you start each group of floors, and don't lose your cool when you lose a combat.

Znup: Don't give up just because you lose a combat, stayed focused on the battles to better understand the mobs.

Has Kazil, the Spanish Community Manager, been your muse of inspiration in rising to number 1?

Bexerro: Yes, absolutely. He's an excellent CM.

Maestroborrachon: I haven't had the chance to spend much time with him, but I've read that he does excellent work for the Dofus Touch community.

Znup: Most certainly. I owe him everything.

Final thoughts?

Bexerro: As usual, hello to all the members of my guild, Radiohead. So many high-level PvP and PvM players have come from there.

Maestroborrachon: Greetings to the whole community!

Znup: Just a quick hello to my guild, Ilustratum, and a big shout out to my friend, Ramcotik, who taught me how to play.

See you tomorrow for the latest rotation of Ascension Island!