An impeccably pleated suit, a pet that has already caused much ink to be spilled, a petsmount with such charisma it makes those around it stick out like a sore thumb: Ink & Paper packs are back! Get them for yourself and your fate will written!

Week #46 (from 9 a.m. Paris time on Tuesday, November 14, to 9 a.m. on Tuesday, November 21)

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This Week's Special Offer

Plenty of ink has flowed under the bridges since the first time they appeared in the shop. Inspired by the kingdoms of Wukin and Wukang, the Ink and Paper Packs afford you the luxury of erasing your stylistic blunders of the past with a set, pet, and petsmount, which will help you sketch a one-of-a-kind personality, eager to write its own history…

There are two different packs:

Folding Pack

  • An Ink & Paper Set
  • A Zhenbaisu Ceremonial Pet

Origami Pack

  • An Ink & Paper Set
  • A Zhenbaisu Ceremonial Pet
  • An Ekirin Ceremonial Petsmount
  • An Origami Emote Scroll
  • An Ink & Paper Ornament
  • A "Napkin Folder" Title

These packs contain items that are linked to the account.

Skelskam, Ever Present!

Imagine a granny's sweet little doggy devouring her to pocket her nest egg… and it would still be a far cry from the dastardliness that is Skeleskam…

Replace the doggy with a wyrmling and the granny with an ancient Bwork clan leader. Then imagine that a hundred years later, the animal's soul – now gaunt and devoid of scales – still didn't rest in peace, far from being satisfied, and with an ever-growing thirst for kamas.

You don't believe us? Just look at its eyes!
The light you see is the one they tell you to go into if you die in combat…

Right now, any shop purchase in real currency will make you the proud owner of this bone-chilling pet!

This is a ceremonial pet that is linked to the account.

The next chapter in your adventures is waiting to be written!