Her drop-dead beauty is matched only by her lethal power: Belladonna, the witch of Ephedrya, is the inspiration behind an offer you won't be able to resist. From Friday, November 17, to Monday, November 20, whenever you purchase sets, cosmetics, petsmounts, pets, emotes and ornaments with goultines, you'll get Belladonna and Shigekax Blind Boxes! 

From 2 p.m. (Paris time) on Friday, November 17, to 2 p.m. on Monday, November 20, you can enjoy a Blind Box special offer! During this period:

  • Whenever you purchase a set or petsmount using goultines, you'll get 4 Belladonna Blind Boxes + 4 Shigekax Blind Boxes.
  • Whenever you purchase a pet using goultines, you'll get 3 Belladonna Blind Boxes + 3 Shigekax Blind Boxes.
  • Whenever you purchase an emote, an ornament or a cosmetic using goultines, you'll get 2 Belladonna Blind Boxes + 2 Shigekax Blind Boxes.

What do they have in them? Well, since you asked:

Belladonna Blind Box

  • Belladonna's Rebel Locks (ceremonial item, 20% drop rate)
  • Belladonna Cape (ceremonial item, 20% drop rate)
  • Belladonna Shield (ceremonial item, 20% drop rate)
  • Hortikilturist (ornament, 20% drop rate)
  • Dragomore Pet (ceremonial item, 20% drop rate)

Shigekax Blind Box

  • Passion Shigekax
  • Vanilla Shigekax
  • Pippin Shigekax
  • Plum Shigekax
  • Praline Shigekax
  • Api Shigekax
  • Pear Shigekax
  • Orange Shigekax
  • Plum Shigekax
  • Melon Shigekax
  • Kill Coos Shigekax
  • Indigo Shigekax
  • Morello Cherry Shigekax
  • Coco Shigekax
  • Banana Shigekax
  • Almond Shigekax
  • Bitter Shigekax
  • Caramel Shigekax
  • Chocolate Shigekax

All the items above, whether they are in the Belladonna Blind Box or Shigekax Blind Box, are linked to the account.

Take advantage of this offer before it's gone…

You have until 2 p.m. (Paris time) on Monday, November 20.

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