As you so often hear during opening speeches, when you’re stupidly standing around with a glass of champagne (that you can’t drink yet!) in your hand, “We have the pleasure of introducing” the new detailed Dragoturkey factsheet. The images will speak louder than any snoozefest speeches. Then, if you’re feeling brave, or curious, you can read the text below that describes the improvements by menu...



Before revamp


After revamp

After revamp 2

Clearer elements

There is less text, which has been replaced by icons. For example, the color description is replaced by one or two colored diamonds (you can still view the color names by pressing and holding). Also, there are new icons for “fertile”, “mountable”, “domestic” (= non wild), “neutered” and “sterile”.

4 indicator gauges replace the classic progress bars for Energy, Endurance, Maturity and Love. These gauges take up less space so you can see the information more clearly. The central icon, initially grayed out, “lights up” with a color when the optimum threshold is reached for this setting. Progress is also represented by a colored circular arc that is more or less filled in. The numerical value is now visible underneath the gauge.

Using the cursor with the Serenity Gauge, that is now much clearer, shows you which characteristic (Endurance, Maturity or Love) can be “worked on” with the dragoturkey at this exact moment.

Better separation of breeding information

The first tab, renamed “Breeding”, now contains all the information needed to breed your creature “in real time”. Endurance, Maturity, Love and Serenity (these four were already grouped together in the old version), as well as Tiredness, number of reproductions and time of impregnation.

The XP bar, the given XP percentage, the Mount/Climb down button and the effects have moved to the “Characteristics” tab (in the past, this tab only contained the effects).

General ergonomics

Buttons are easy to use. They’re either bigger or they have a larger activation zone.

Press and hold help bubbles have been added to the elements that need them to help you control the interface and provide more information (e.g. maximum possible value, etc.).

All of these changes are, as usual, or perhaps a little more so, due to an incalculable number of discussions, back and forths, and nitpicky negotiations about the details, between half a dozen of your servants at Ankama. We hope that the results will make life easier for the friends of dragoturkeys (on thursday !).
To be continued with, very soon, the breeding interface revamp.