For a few weeks now, King Allister has been trying to prove to his people that he has every intention of regaining control of things in the Kingdom of Amakna. Today, he wants to entertain his subjects by mixing business with pleasure. The hunt is on!

The Great Shearing
As any self-respecting good shepherd would do, King Allister has decided to organize a large-scale wild gobball hunt. There’s method behind his madness, of course. Tensions with certain Rogue factions have come to a head and the King’s Militia is no longer able to hunt gobballs. The King needs your help to replenish the Kingdom’s wool and meat stocks.
So, he’s promising a reward to all those who unsheathe their weapons in his name during this mission.
Here are your goals:  
This challenge will be shared across all DOFUS Touch servers. It will begin on Saturday 17th September at 00:01 and will end on Sunday 18th September at 23:59 (Paris time). If you succeed, the following rewards will be unlocked:
  • A 50% XP bonus for the weekend of the 24th and 25th September
  • The HmmMmmMmmm for all those who brave the Gobball Dungeon
 Are you ready to set off on the hunt? In that case, death to gobballs!