Do you think you can claim the title of the most attractive in the World of Twelve? Is your character so radiant in their set that it's as if they were wearing a second skin, and were as one? Then enter our contest: Miss & Mister DOFUS Touch!

Miss & Mister DOFUS Touch

Good-looking guys, beautiful girls: your day of glory may be here! From November 15 to December 18, your style and beauty will be studied from every angle by our jury and the DOFUS Touch community. Stop just parading in front of a few admiring Gobballs or your Guild: come and show your style, and do it with spirit!

Are you ready to blow us away and become the next star of DOFUS Touch? Then take note of the steps you'll need to complete:

From November 15 to November 29

Send in your application

Are you full of charm and elegance? Our jury wants to believe you!
During this first event, show us your character, along with a screenshot of their in-game appearance, and seize the opportunity to impress us. Every detail counts, and applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • The harmony between the colors and equipment,
  • The harmony between the setting and your character,
  • The consistency of the your character's presentation with their appearance.

Don't hesitate to bring us into your world and to bring your character to life; all these elements will allow our jury to establish an average rating, and only the 10 best will allow the first 10 players to be selected for the next step.
Before strutting to the Astrub Zaap and signing autographs, you must therefore tend to this first step, and put the finishing touches to your message!
Go to the following links to take part, depending on your membership on each server: GrandapanDodge

On December 2

Annoucement of the 10 qualified players

Once all your entries are evaluated, the jury will get back to you with a list of the 10 people who have qualified for the rest of the adventure. A Colour Change Potion will then be given to the 10 selected, so they can change their wardrobe for the next step!

From December 4 to 18

The Beauty Parade!

Are you qualified for the second part of our contest? Congratulations! But the hardest is yet to come: for this step, you will have to parade onto stage, directly in game. The event will take place in the Amakna Castle theater, and as it would be a shame on your part to arrive late for such an occasion, we suggest you follow this plan:


Turn-by-turn, the 10 people who qualified will go on stage to assert their beauty, attractive features and charm. Each candidate will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • The harmony between the colors and equipment,
  • The character's presentation,
  • The rationale for their equipment,
  • Their speech.

Oh yes, their speech! Well yes, dear candidates, we expect you to take on the role of Miss/Mister. So you'll need to prepare a speech on your philosophy as a Miss/Mister, on actions to be taken, on causes to be defended, etc. You have carte blanche to immerse yourself in your definition of what a Miss, or a Mister, is. Where you need to be careful, of course, is in the consistency between your speech, your outfit, and your ambitions.

  • Dodge (english community), December 18, 3 pm (GMT+1)
  • Grandapan (english community), December 18, 5 pm (GMT+1)

During this contest, in addition to demonstrating your immeasurable beauty to the World of Twelve, there are lots of prizes to be won:

The 10 selected for the parade:

  •     1x Colour Change Potion
  •     1x Bobble Set

First place at the end of the parade:

  •     1x Alyverol Set
  •     1x Khamelerost Dragoturkey
  •     1x Flute Emote
  •     1x Mr. Amakna/Miss Amakna Amulet

Second place at the end of the parade:

  •     1x Alyverol Set
  •     1x Khamelerost Dragoturkey
  •     1x Mini-Mr. Amakna/Mini-Miss Amakna Amulet

 Third place at the end of the parade:

  •     1x Alyverol Set
  •     1x Mini-Mr. Amakna/Mini-Miss Amakna Amulet

Will you manage to get the precious amulet which confers the title of Miss/Mister Amakna? The tests are tough and the competition will no doubt be tenacious! So don't wait around, and prepare your application for the election of Miss and Mister DOFUS Touch!


  • ANKAMA GAMES (Lille Metropolitan Area Companies and Commerce Register: 492 360 730) located at 75 boulevard d'Armentières 59100 Roubaix – France, is organizing from 11/15/2016 to 12/18/2016 (23:59 CET – FRANCE) a free, no purchase necessary contest, entitled "Miss & Mister DOFUS Touch" on the five following DOFUS Touch game servers: Oshimo, Terra Cogita, Herdegrize, Grandapan, and Dodge, open to any physical person worldwide with an Ankama account and playing DOFUS Touch on one of these five servers. To enter, post a screenshot of your character in-game in the dedicated topic on the official DOFUS Touch forum. If you are selected, your character will participate in the in-game parade. Only one entry per person. 10 will be selected per server and per community (making a total of 70 selected), among which 3 winners for each server (from 1st to 3rd place) will be designated (making a total of 21 winners) by a jury. Total value of 1st prize: €20. The contest rules are available online at