There's something new in your DOFUS Touch shop! They're round, sweet, and stick to your teeth, and yet they won't rot them! Shigekax are coming to the shop, and they'll give you all the energy an adventurer of your caliber needs. So hurry!

Certain sugary consumables have the power to increase your characteristics (in particular, regarding your size). Shigekax promise much more than that!

Their effects are visible as soon as you use them. And it shows! (Well yeah, they're visible, right?). A young Iop adventurer bears witness.

"Barely a minute after having swallowed my Shigekax, I felt something happening within my body. When I looked in the mirror, I saw it right away: I'd gained 2cm of brain size! My strength, my agility, my initiative, my wisdom, and many of my other physical assets improved for no fewer than 5 fights! Since then, my friends can't stop complimenting me! Thanks, Shigekax!"

Available in various doses – and therefore at various prices – these littles candies can also be bought using kamas and are linked to the player's account for two months.

So stop feeling so lethargic! Say "Shigekax"!

* Know your limits: don't take Shigekax if you are still feeling the effects of a previous one. Shigekax cannot be used in player vs player fights. If in doubt, consult your Eniripsa.