Since the Thwee Kings' have had a rough time ("I'm late, I'm late, I'm vewy vewy late!") to make their cake, going from burrow to burrow, taking shortcuts, but… they made it!

La galette des Was
"Long ago, Thwee Kings looking for new lands got lost at sea for ten long years. Once they'd used up their supplies, they used the last of their Cawwots to make a cake. But it had been a long time since the vegetables were fresh… and with their first mouthful, the Kings broke their teeth!"

Or at least, that's what's written in the Almanax!

Since then, the Thwee Kings have decided to celebrate this event "with a gwin" and with the Wa Wabbit! Every year, they all make the biggest, prettiest, tastiest of Cawwot cakes to commemorate that painful time gone by.
And there are many surprises waiting in DOFUS Touch to properly celebrate the event with them; we're sure you'll really like them!
From Saturday the 7th of January (00:01 AM CET) up to Sunday the 8th of January (11:59 PM CET), Grandapan, Dodge and Brutas will receive +50% drops and XP (stackable with a Bonus Pack; professions are not affected)!

But that's not all ; from Friday the 6th of January (4:00 PM CET) up to Monday the 9th January (10:00 AM CET), go to the Thwee Kings scratchcard page*, as well as various events on the game's social networks and win prizes!
Isn't life wonderful? Enjoy!
*The scratchcard game is only accessible to players who have made at least one purchase in the Shop with Goultines since the release of the game, or have an active Bonus Pack. If you haven't you still have time to go to the Shop!