Jonquille and Kokillette didn't hesitate to give a little teaser in the first issue of Gamakna, just enough to tantalize you a little… Rest assured, we won't keep you waiting much longer: right now, discover the most exciting bits of DOFUS Touch for the start of 2017!

Missive DOFUS Touch #5

Kwismas: it's not goodbye, it's see you soon!

All good things must come to an end: the holidays, meals fit for a king, parties with friends and family… and Kwismas! The event and activities organized for the period ended on January 12th, and it's now time to take stock of them: how did you approach the various events? How do you feel about the mechanics used? Do you have any particular expectations for future issues? Don't forget to send us your view on the subject; we'll take it into account for future improvements!


Google gives us a hand

During this festive period, we've once again enjoyed great support from Google and the Play Store (France). And we owe this to you: thanks to the over one million downloads in December, DOFUS Touch was highlighted in the Christmas games selection and in the "RPG and Strategy" category, then in the "Games" section on the Play Store.
Featuring Google
DOFUS Touch for Christmas!
Sléection Nowel
Time for some Christmas RPG & Strategy with DOFUS Touch!

And that's not all, DOFUS Touch is also part of the 2016 games selection in the "Most Beautiful Games" category!

Google and DOFUS Touch: a true love story!

And the community too!

It's with great pleasure that we participated in the event with an enthusiastic, passionate community who are always ready to come forward, as this screenshot goes to prove. It was taken while players were waiting for Hector Kwismas to arrive.

Ouverture de Nowel

For just over a month, you wholeheartedly threw yourselves into the snowbound island; chances are that its inhabitants will remember the first time they came to DOFUS Touch for years to come!

Nowel en quelques chiffres

The various in-game and social network events also met great success (if we forget about the little "It's gonna hurt" community activity debacle, so sssssh…).
The Advent Calendar, a last-minute surprise on the official website, was itself used several thousand times per day.
We can't wait to do it again next December! But let's not get ahead of ourselves: We're only a few days into 2017, and we've got plenty of things for you over the coming months to give you an unforgettable year, filled with emotion!

DOFUS Touch, different from DOFUS on PC

We have received many questions specific to the development of DOFUS Touch, and today, we'd like to give some clear answers. Let's get started: DOFUS Touch isn't DOFUS for PC, so it won't follow the same path, instead presenting its own development and selection of updates.
It should be understood that DOFUS Touch is an entirely separate game, with a specific path of development, and not just a free version of the DOFUS PC MMO. Therefore, the addition of the Eliotropes & Huppermages, the class revamps, the hunts… aren't planned.
However, as already explained in the last missive, we won't prohibit ourselves from reusing PC-based content if it proves to be beneficial for DOFUS Touch, such as the professions revamp, which could be perfectly adapted to a mobile format.  We would also like to add as much content as possible, but that would be a considerable project which would require a lot of time.
Sidekicks… oh, sidekicks! They're undeniable assets for any adventurer. We would like to integrate them into the game, and maybe in a way you've never seen before; you'll have to be prepared to wait if you want to see this feature arrive in DOFUS Touch.
So, minus a few exceptions, don't expect the content to be close to that of the PC version, but rather for DOFUS Touch to have its own content. Examples? Here's one.

The empowerment of DOFUS Touch: Incarnam revamp and new feature

As you've found out in Gamakna, the DOFUS Touch team has gotten bigger with the arrival of a game designer, Sat, and a developer, Bob. We'd like to warmly welcome them aboard!
These two reinforcements will help cut DOFUS Touch loose from its big brother, DOFUS for PC, in the first half of 2017.

Incarnam Revamp

As Kokillette announced in Gamakna, Incarnam, the beginners' zone, is going to be completely overhauled in order to offer a better game experience, adapted to new players and the mobile format. Today, it's Sat who's decided to tell you more about the topic:
"We think that getting to know the game would be more interesting if more time was spent in Incarnam.
Incarnam is going to become a zone which can be used during the first 40 levels or so, but which will be slightly smaller.
To organize this change, there will be various sub-zones. There will be five of them, and each will have its own bestiary. We've chosen mostly emblematic monsters, which will therefore include Gobballs, Tofus, Arachnees, Piwis and Boars. The Incarnam dungeon will be overhauled to match this bestiary.
Each of these sub-zones will have an arena."
You've got it, this revamp will be markedly different from the one offered on the PC version. Moreover, it will also introduce a new feature to DOFUS Touch: Arenas!


Arenas, what's that!?

Before we proceed, the name "Arena" is a placeholder name and must not be confused with the arenas of Bonta and Brakmar. We have a poll for you at the later part of our letter, and we will let the community decide the name of this latest feature!

We'll let Sat continue explaining:
"Arenas are a new way of progressing in DOFUS Touch, complementing the dungeons. The aim is to offer an alternative for players who wish to play regularly, but who don't have a lot of time or who aren't always online at the same time as their friends.
The arena concept is similar to that of dungeons. You'll be equipped with a badge box (equivalent to a bunch of keys) containing all the badges necessary to enter the arenas. In exchange for a copy of the badge which matches an arena, you'll be able to enter it to confront a boss.

Arène du lac
Lake Arena
Arène des champs
Tofu Arena

Each arena has two types of bosses, each representing a difficulty level. You can enter each arena in normal or difficult mode. We want each of them to be feasible for lone players, but for it to also be possible for a group of friends to have fun as well.
As a reward for defeating arena bosses in difficult mode, it will be possible to receive equipment.

Boar Arena
Arachnee Arena

We want to let you freely enjoy this new content. The badge box offered will be filled every day, in order to replace used badges. For players wishing to use more than one badge per day, it will be possible to speed up the refilling of badges via the Shop, using kamas or Goultines.
However, this project is ambitious; such a feature is slow to implement, and it will therefore be produced progressively. We've decided to start with the beginning of the game in order to entice new players into continuing their adventure alongside older players."
We can't wait for you to try all of these new content:

In the meantime, take part in our survey to determine the name of this new feature!

Our answers to the community

To properly conclude this fifth missive, let's move on to our question/answer portion. With over 170 messages and almost as many questions raised, it wasn't easy to whittle them down to just a few… Here are Kokillette's and Nyom's answers.

Following the failure of the Kwismas event (to kill 60,000 Itztings), are you considering putting in-game notices for future events? (I'm thinking especially of an "event" button which appears somewhere on the screen during events, showing the current event's progress, a bar which would tell us how many monsters still need to be defeated)
Currently, checking an event's progress with an in-game counter isn't technically feasible, but we do agree that it would be ideal! Nonetheless, we're having a look at other possibilities to improve this, which would indeed involve in-game notifications.

You said you had a team in Japan which deals with the application's development. Is this still the case, or was this only for the game's launch? If yes, how is the communication between France and Japan? Do ideas that originate in France have to be communicated to Japan to get developed?
The game is still developed in Japan, and what's more, as previously stated, the team is growing. Ideas suggested by the team in Japan are implemented on site. We have a regular, constructive exchange with the teams in France, concerning developments or the addition of new features, because we believe that's how we can make the best choices. So we're communicating really well, and exchanges are made in a collaborative spirit.

Why don't you have a "report bug" feature in the game which could create a ticket directly in your internal tool? (i.e. the community manager would quickly check the tool directly, rather than having to read through the forum and create tickets, as is the current situation). The return on investment in the long run seems obvious.
This feature seems simple to implement, but it would however require a lot of human resources to be effective, whereas your Community Manager already has a lot to do every day.

Will group searches soon be in the game?
This feature requires a lot of thought and implementation; we can't estimate how long it will take at the moment. For now, we're basing our work on the "solo" content, which allows us to take more time to study the issue.

Was the close at hand Market mechanic successful, and is it definitive?
It is indeed definitive. While a few negative opinions regarding it did come our way, most of the community seems satisfied with the system: it allows players to fully enjoy the game without having to travel to Markets, while still keeping the social areas. So, we're happy with the balance achieved.
Based from Gamakna, why does the DOFUS PC calendar have more content in line than the DOFUS Touch calendar? 
First of all, we cannot compare the two in terms of content as DOFUS PC has more than 10 years worth of content while DOFUS Touch just recently launched last 15 September, in a new platform.

Though DOFUS Touch's content is identical to DOFUS PC's version 2.14, we use different tools for the game to run on mobile. The redesign of Incarnam will be a great first for us in modifying / adding content for DOFUS Touch. It will be different from its PC version as we will use tools for mobile to modify Cards, mobs, their AI etc.

On top of that, we also seize this opportunity to add a new feature to the game as you may have noticed!

And again, this is a great first that requires a lot of work.

Have you abandoned the fight against bots?
The fight is still present and on-going. We'd like to remind everyone that DOFUS Touch is new and, the methods to fight them are very different from what Ankama is used to.

In the background, we test different solutions and make small-scale changes to improve things bit by bit. If at first glance the bot is east to detect, we have to carry out various checks before applying necessary sanctions. We are adapting ourselves to the mobile format as we do not have the same tools as the PC version, and to add, the bots also adapt to our solutions.

These changes are not communicated because all the information that can be given to you also reaches the ears of those who uses bots. Please be assurred that we are constantly seeking ways to win this battle.

We've reached the end of this missive, and now it's your turn to speak: don't hesitate to give us your reactions on the topics discussed, both on the forum and on social media!